What's your current EDC/pocket light?

what flashlight do you keep in your pocket, and why ?

for me, it's the quark mini AA with 14500.

verrry bright, and floody(which is good for an EDC light, in my opinion).

it's very small, not much larger than the battery itself, and very comfortable to carry in my pocket at all times.

twistie switch - wont turn itself on in my pocket.

also accepts AAA!

As of yesterday when it arrived, the maratac aaa stainless steel. Absolutely tiny, I love the twisty switch and the med, low, high mode order is actually quite handy. Love the knurling although some may say it’s too aggressive for pocket use. Did I say tiny?:slight_smile:

Definitely my XM-L modded Mr.Lite J4.

Not as much in my pocket as on my belt. It is far too big to be in a pocket.

If it isn't on my belt, the Mr.Lite LT3 is.

Currently this...but I do find the ears lead to embarrassing chaffing during pocket carry:

These days:

iTP A3 EOS blue because it is great looking, it has a real low and a high adequate enough for use while in the city.

EDI-T T11 because it is a great tiny thrower and flooder! I really love this flashlight.

And two of these tinies, one on my motorcycle's keys (yes they are really really waterproof) and one on my house keys. Because even if I forgot everything else, I will carry my keys.

I gave one of those to every policeman I know. Including the deputy head cop around here. They didn't go down very well.

Apart from the part time cop who also works with me as a nurse. I thought he was going to wet himself laughing.

And to the annoyance of my dentist, i gave him one too. It turns out his now 24 year old daughter went through a phase of enthusiasm for pigs when she was about 12 - and once she'd grown out of it all those pig things got relegated to his surgery.

The German Customs and airport security people used to use pigs in the '70's but got so annoyed with the remarks they got that they went back to dogs like everyone else. Pigs are about 1000x better at sniffing things out than dogs - and are smarter too.

I have a Fenix LD01 SS on my keychain, not really a low budget light, but it is very good.

The Ultrafire P10-R5 is my favourite EDC at the moment, compact and very bright.

Stainless C3, 93mm version. Now about to get a major emitter surgery : )

lmao! Cool

An XM-L per nostril I trust? :P

I either carry a ITP C9 or a Nitecore D10

I like my iTP A3 standard

On , Off

EDC wise, I use one of these on my keychain everyday. For "backup" I rotate my collection. It depends...

Probably the most used is the TrustFire XP-EF23.

I like my Tank007 E06, but with a slightly modified configuration - I use only one battery tube, with a 10440 inside. It is super bright, clicky, has a warm-ish white beam with no hotspot to burn my retina in close-up work, and has a handy pocket clip.

I also have a Tank007 TK-703, which has a slightly bluer beam with a hotspot. I took the battery tube from the E06 and put it on the TK-703, and gave it to my girl as a purse light. She loves it, and doesn't have to use li-ions for full brightness.

My iTP A1 EOS is relegated to non-EDC now. I don't like the fact that it doesn't come on in High.

EDC is my Aurora V6 modded with an XM-L


and shiningbeam driver (tight fit with battery, will change driver) 2.8 amp 3 mode driver

i prefer the grab size (if a flashlight is too small its useless) and the tactical position of the switch on this size flashlight.

its smooth so it comes out of the pocket (or pocket on side of painters jeans)

its not too heavy but has enough weight so you know u havent lost it

its run time is great on high (about 50 mins) and even better on low.

its output is rediculous! it runs cooler than the previous XP-G, XR-E and MC-E versions i have made

its beam is smooth with a great throw, and very bright spill (no rings)

it can use 18650, OR cr123 in an emergency

oh and mines modded with a GITD tailcap too lol

well built, and super reliable. never been a fan of smaller flashlights, tho i do own some.

the BLF Mr.lite is not a bad 14500 flashlight, but is abismal on AA. also the switch likes to turn on when its dropped.... dont ask me why

the R5-a3 is a GREAT 14500 flashlight, and usable on AA, but falls short due to run time... AA batteries dry up quick

the S-A2 is a good 14500 flashlight, but abismal on AA. too light and cheap feeling

the Olight T20-R5 is awesome on cr123 (havent tried on rcr123), forward tactical, but doesnt use 18650, and Cr123's can get expensive. the mode switch is with twisting the head, which i love too!

i personally dont like any p60 style flashlight due to the poor design for heat sinking. I own: 501B, 502B, 502D, old surefire which is scratched to hell so i cant tell the model number. also their head is bigger so it means they can get stuck in the pocket

but overall, the V6 body offers the ability of an 18650/cr123, and with a T6 XM-L sends a TON of light in the direction you want it. great for blinding attackers lol

good heat sinking too!

when we get some warm weather here, i will have a thread on all my flashlights and their output in a one day take pictures event lol

ill set up at nighttime and compare them all. even the ocean state and big lots ones lol i dont have a single flashlight as dull as an old mag light tho lol

LOL Now that's my kinda light!

I still edc my Aurora SH-034 but might switch to something smaller and lighter.

Why is your flashlight lookin at me like that ???

This was gonna be my first dual xml mod ... But my neice fell in love with it .. I eagerly await my next farm host .

Just rub a little lard between them ears

My current edc is a Nitecore ex10sp..it is my favorite light..

there may be no perfect light....But this one is damn good

I imagine it will look like this :P

maratac AA stainless.

Upgrade A3 EOS @ 10440 and love it. UF 504B wasn't that comfortable to carry in the jeans pocket :)