What's your most recent "D'oh!" moment?

My "D'oh!" moment happened earlier today when I got my first set of 10440's from DX after waiting about 3 1/2 weeks and realized that I didn't order a 10440 charger. D'oh! Frown So now I got to wait for how ever long it takes for my 10440 charger (that I ordered today) to get here. D'oh!

De-doming my first SST-50 light while trying to adjust its reflector. It happened 10 minutes after I took it out of its bubble wrap...

What's different about a 10440 than any other lithium ion battery ?? can't you just add a piece of metal to take up the space .?

I have a cheap charger and it does them all .

Duh.. you mean like go outside get in the car ...opps forgot the keys ....go inside ... get keys ...get back in car ..ooops forgot keys ...

blame the dog

What's different about a 10440 than any other lithium ion battery ?? can't you just add a piece of metal to take up the space .?

The reccomended charging current.


If it's any consolation, I've been using a Trustfire TR-001 to charge my protected 10440's and everything else up to 18650's with negligible effects on them so far (<50 charges). Not sure what charger you have now, but if you have this one it should work just fine...I think mine only charges at 300-350ma.


My chargers do 500mA (MP1) and -700mA WP2. The mp1 will have to do with 16430 but i wouldnt dare a 10440 on the WP2.

I have the tr-001 as well ..

when i first bought lithium I was worried and wanted a hobby charger .. accucell 6 but saw the tr 001 advertised by lighthound or another bigger flahlight gealer and thought ,,, huh ,, this guy smarter than me sells it ..maybe it's not a bomb "waiting to go off " so I snagged it since it charges every size lithium ion battery .

What IS the correct charging rate for a 10440? 16340 ? 14500? 18650?

Is it as simple as a certain percentage of the mah capacity ..

"please speak slowly and use pictures and graphs when talking to the dummy"

You want to charge all normal chemistry Li-ion cells at no more than 1C. I'll give an example in case that doesn't help at all :P

A 14500 900mAh should be charged at 900mA - 0.9A, A 18650 2400mAh should be charged at 2400mA - 2.4A

So yup... 100% of mAh capacity :)

If only the A123 system batteries had the capacity of a normal Li-ion rather than less than half, you can charge and discharge them at very high rates and they just insist on not exploding :P

Never had good luck with cheap chargers, my tr-001 stopped working and just flashed at me when I put cells in it the 5th time, my wf-139 made a loud bang and emitted smoke the 3rd time I used it, Guess it wasn't really rated for 240v. Currently have an xtar wp2 on the way, it seems to get good reviews.

I've managed to kill 3 AA torches by putting 14500's in them, one of them was labelled incorrectly...but the other two were just stupid mistakes.

Last week I went through all my AA torches, looked up their details online and made a spreadsheet to show which could use 14500 and which couldn't.

Now I have no excuse!

Connecting a 110V only charger to 230V turned out to have been a bad idea....

And took some effort as it had a US plug on it which certainly won't fit into a UK socket without a lot of help.

Or an adapter.

Our plugs are rather large....

Oh that's the plug i keep seeing and always throw in trash... XD

And finally i know where it is used. :) So far i knew only the US plug, German (same as ours) and the infamous Italian one.

Uk plug, check!

I didn't know about the Italian one, I thought they'd gone to Schuko (German) plugs like most of the EU. The UK's wiring standards date back to the late 1940's when there was a desperate shortage of copper.