What's your opinion on this flashlight?

I was searching around for a Flood to trhow flashlight that can use both 18650 and 3xaaa and i found this on DX that can also use 123A.


I didn't find any review on the forum. I need it because i want to make some "experiment" with different emitter on a flood to throw flashlight.

The low-low budget alternative is this


But i don't know if heatsink would be good as the Sacredfire and i never "test" ultraok as seller.

Any advice or suggestion are welcome!

Just received my 870 lm flood-to-throw flashlight from Taobao. Very bright indeed. Taobao also selling flashlights.


Unbeliveable! The best flashlight presentation... ever! Better than Flashlight Wiki :)

Send Nits 18650 = Ok where the "F" do you buy these ... ? [ Send Nits ? ] are they kidding ?


LOL I bet these guys sit around a table, drinking jiu, smoking weed and thinking of product names but putting random english words together.

You need to search the net for a Taoboa agent in your country or nearest who can order on your behalf. The price as indicated in the link is 270 RMB + shipping fee. Should be slightly more than $US64. I collected it from the agent directly so no extra here.

How the heck you managed to miss this one?


All of the above + better emitter + romisen build quality? Even cheaper... :/

"But i don't know if heatsink would be good as the Sacredfire and i never "test" ultraok as seller."

If you bought something at DX you have tested it as a supplier. ;)

Just to add for my Taobao 870 lm light after using it.

It is hot after 2 min of continuous use at max mode. It is even HOTTER after 10 min of continuous use at max mode.

I suppose its higher current draw for the stated high lumen and the very small physical size of the light results in poor heat sinking.

Did not test beyond 10 min....afraid that it might explode.

Well, for safe use, I recommend you do NOT use continuously for more than 10 min especailly in a warm/hot environment. Also, do not wear gloves when using it otherwise you would not know how hot it is.

It's poor heatsinking if it DOESN'T get hot, so here you have the opposite.

It is supposed to get hot. I really dislike small hosts for properly driven XM-L's. A good P60 host is what i would settle as far as minimum heatsinking required. That includes the aluminum or other tricks to improve the heatsinking.

Yup, you're right. It's the poor heat sinking design due to its small physical size and high lumen output

The one from taobao seems to be a great FTT flashlight but i don't like to use agent and it's not a low budget light.


"... i never "test" ultraok as seller."

If you bought something at DX you have tested it as a supplier. ;)


Good to know..

I see this Romisen. Is really good but the twisting mechanism is not the best for heatsink because the pill habe to move inside the body so there is not direct contact.

I only need a flood to throw body to make some test wit different emitter. So in need a flashlight that can use different battery, not to difficult to mod and low budget.
I found the C30 clone on UltraOk that has an adapter for 18650 but then i see the Sacredfire that can use 3 kind of battery but has a P4 instead of Q5. I try to find a review on Sacredfire but, except for opinion on Dx, i didn't find anything.

Thanks Be-Seen-Triker, your link are very helpful. I think i'll go with one of these light.

I also would try to improve heatsink introducing an aluminium divider (with some thermal compound) between emitter and circuit. I would create the Frankenstein flashlight!

hey be-seen any opinion on the throw of the ultraok light? beamshot maybe? thanks

nice thanks! can you focus other zoom light past this range? like when the led die only shows?

cool..the guy declined the 9$ offer BTW lol..

Ok.. I'm not angry.. I'm really calm.. i'm quiet.. F..K F..K F..K F..K F..K F..K!!!!!!!!!!

No one of the seller ships to Italy... I'll go with UltraOk and i will cross fingers. I know that italian Postal Service is one of the worst in the world but a seller that use China Post shouldn't be so squeamish!

I've noticed Italy being excluded on a lot of eBay items as well and never new why, it's odd to think one European country would have a post service so much worse than the others.

Are the postmen to busy at bunga-bunga parties? :P

can you not use a shipping program where you ship it to them and they ship it to you? family, friends outside italy? hell i'd do it for you but it would cost u more on the shipping..

btw.. I ordered one of the zoom lights from the one guy..I need a zoomy and it looks half decent..