What's your weirdest flashlight(s) you own?

should disappear as it heats up!

Oooo-light. Any model!


A clear Convoy M1 would be amazing.
Perhaps Simon can get some transparent aluminum.


They're working on it.


They might be but Simon (or BLF) has no bulk stock to work with.

Fan cooled cob? We think a bit alike. Adding a lens?

No pics I’m afraid, but weird lights:

AAA Glo-toob, 2*AA 5mm red flashing fishing lure, red and white COB light size and shape of a car key fob,






Looks functional enough, but why? Because you can? Has to be more than that.

Also, why lenses and yet that beam shape?
Or is the beamshot the reflector…

The clear one is cool - I wonder why they didn’t make more of those back in the day?

The other one looks like bezos’s spaceship.

As “The Big Hurt” Frank Thomas says on that commercial, “And Guys, She’ll like it Too!”

My wife dug this up last weekend. I wasn’t sure if it was a flashlight or a cellphone mic. Popped in some new cells and it fired right up. Not too comfortable or secure over the ear though.

It’s not fan cooled yet. The heatsink is a giant bit of aluminum. It’s a Cree cxb3590. Haven’t decided on either a lens or a reflector.

VERY cool! And weird. I’m also curious about your typical application of this light or if it was more of a for-fun project.

Thanks God (or, unfortunately?) I don’t have any strange/weird looking flashlight (yet).