when 14500 loses it's charge too quickly?

I’m not sure~

I got a 750mah 14500 (unknown brand) working fine~

could it be because I accidentally shorted out the cell by accident and “only once” is more than enough to kill the capacity of the 14500?

been real terrible at holding its charge and it’s draining bad
on sipik sk68 it just runs for less than 5 minutes on high before it starts dimming

I’d definitely stop using that one, and re-cycle it ASAP.

internal damage and possible internal short

Once it gets to that point…time to discard and get another one

wow okay
so it is a serious bad battery then~

I shall survive with low light rechargeable AA’s then~

thanks for all the help :slight_smile:

I only have Sanyo 14500’s and they are quite temperamental. One total discard (Darn Rook parasitic drain) and one accidental backwards insert and they are ruined. Get too hot when charging and don’t hold charge. Easy to lose money on those puppies.

talk about sanyos

I may be getting a pair of Keeppower 14500 840mah cells as they’re by far the “highest capacity” stuff I can get in my local survival store

or do you guys recommend me to get something better online? like some raw sanyo ur14500p?