When will BLF bring out their own Headlamp????

whta brand is h03?

Never mind its a skilhunt

Currently trying my hand at a headlamp. But it’s a good question as to why BLF hasn’t come up with something already.

Not as many people use headlamps compared to regular flashlights.
Unless you can get a few hundred or thousand people interested, nobody is going to bother putting in hundreds of hours of unpaid work to design a custom headlamp for you just because you don’t want to buy something that’s already available.
The easiest option is to either make a custom one yourself, or slap a BLF sticker on a headlamp you can already purchase.

What a nice build, how heavy is it and how do you mount it to something or yourself?

The problem is that most of people on BLF not need a headlamp. For example on Russian flashlight forum fonarevka.ru obout 20% of discussions are about headlams(here I see 2-3% at the best), and I know about 7 custom made headlamps at small-scale production and only 3 such flashlights. There are a lot of people who use headlamps in work,outdoor , fishing, sking, caving and so on. On BLF I see only lumens fans(some of them are Hicri fans too and I like it). 100500lm and 2km FET controlled hot rod with stepdown after 10s on ones head are absolutely useless in real world.

Nevertheless I would be interested to see as BLF headlamp for example something based upon H03 with hi efficient buck or boost driver with one of BLF UI , hicri led and maybe good build in charger, or maybe something in more exotic form factor like Panda 3 . Magnetic control ring also is very interesting element which can be very convinient, but almost non existing headlamp use it.

Has anyone ever seen a headlight host? Just the case, potentially even without the strap and battery module?

jon_slider has shown the existing passion for compact lights producing hobby/craft/camping illumination.

A HiCri hall effect convertible cap-brim edc headlamp in an E21a Quad with custom mixed/matched CCT, or the new colored (under 5000k.) Nichias soon to appear with matching specs sounds like a project Jon and Clemence were born for….and have already been working on.

It’s a WIP. Will post a build thread when it’s finished.

I don’t see why there will be SO much less takers for a headlamp. I mean the blf lantern has 900 listed. Lanterns and headlamps are king for camping. Headlamps can also be used for other nocturnal outdoor activities such as shooting, cycling, fishing. Anything where it’s good to have both hands free.

We do have a lot of Lumen Freaks and CRI Babies around here, but we also have a lot of members that just want the best possible mix of usability, carry-ability, nice UI, and run-time. It would be a worthy challenge to make a BLF headlamp that can pull in the best of every headlamp feature (not necessarily flashlight features).

A few days ago, AEDe posted this thread about the YLP Panda 3 which is a great looking headlamp. I even said in that thread that it’s the first headlamp I’ve ever liked. I wanted to buy one. But it’s only been sold in Russia (so far). Maybe we can take some inspiration from that one and make it even more BLF-ey! I really like kiriba-ru’s idea to make it out of common, moddable components. :smiling_imp:

For me the #1 reason to own and use a headlamp would be general work around the house (fixing, DIY, cleaning) but most importantly in the garage (almost any car related work would require a hands-free light, somehow). There is the workaround to own/use a light with a magnet but that is something I don’t have.
Finally, the easiest solution would probably be to get a headband/mounting solution that works for any light.

Yes. Emisar should make a right-angle Nichia triple, with an option for the elliptical Carclos so the beam is wider than it is tall when used as a headlamp. Until then, Acebeam, Imalent and Thrunite have options for those of us who don’t fear exploding death, with the upcoming TH30 having a claimed output of 3300 lumens.

But on a serious note, I’ve never heard of an 18650 exploding in a single-cell flashlight, nor any 18650 that wasn’t one of the Chinese YourhouseisonFire brands exploding in any flashlight. Obviously, these should be handled with due care, but FET triples aren’t pipe bombs as long as appropriate batteries are used.

My thoughts exactly, I think if BLF made a headlamp a lot more people would suddenly need one.

There aren’t too many 1x AA/14500 headlamps out there with a decent buck/boost driver and high cri LED that are light weight and mod-able. Plenty 18650 though.

It is matter of time.
The load in usual flashlight is not very hi, but people wants more and more. If we take a look at e cigarettes we will see what happens with 18650 at heavy loads

Here ya’ go…. . :slight_smile:

The article you linked said it was a mechanical mod that exploded. But what cell was used? They don’t say. Nobody here is claiming that there aren’t any dangerous cells. Any cells made by the top four brands should be safe, even in mech mods and FET driven flashlights.

EDIT: In case it isn’t obvious enough, let me clarify my position: the cell was most likely to blame for all Li-Ion explosions. Most experts agree with me. Where we differ is that I believe there are some cells that won’t explode without extreme abuse.

Eh… we’ve had not-very-clever people who want the brightest flashlight that could possibly fit in their pocket buying Emisar D4s for the past year. They regularly burn holes in their pockets, but nobody’s managed to make one go boom.

But I’m also talking about what I would do myself, not what might happen if a novice does something dumb. I wouldn’t be concerned about putting a FET driver light made my Emisar, running a firmware by Toykeeper, and powered by a Sony VTC6 I bought from Illumn on my head.I would caution people about the potential risks just as I do when discussing the D4.

I’m currently working on a headlamp.
There are already some ‘balls rolling around’, but nothing serious yet.

But what does everyone wants to see in a headlamp?

This design I have right now might not be what everyone likes but will definitely be an awesome BLF style headlamp.

I love my Zebralight H600Fd III headlamp. It’s got just a bit under 1000 lumens but I’ve never felt that it was underpowered on any of my backpacking trips. The head strap holds it in place and I don’t feel that it’s too heavy even with an 18650.

I use it in conjunction with a throwier 18650 light that I can use to see something a bit farther off, but it most often stays in the pocket of my pack.

I chose High CRI and neutral white and it looks so nice. It’s expensive in comparison to most of my other lights, but it keeps a steady amount of light for a good long time.

Now if it would only come with some sort of insect repellent, it’d be even better!

I don’t talk/type about this light because it seems that most threads aren’t about headlamps and nearly all of the new lights I’m interested in don’t come in this form. I’m not going to put a D4 in a head band either. Too hot to tell the truth. I’ll have to reserve judgement for my FW3A when it arrives. The small size will be wonderful (one of the things I like about my Zebralights) but I don’t know how it’ll shed heat being so small.

For a budget light, I’d like to see something in a different form factor. A box instead of a tube? Easy ramping button? Dual LED (HI and HD side by side)? I like the idea of lighting the front of my pack or sternum strap but when you hear something to the side, it wouldn’t be as effective. I like that my Zebralight can be used outside of the headband. I tied a section of paracord around the neck of it to hang from my neck that’s come in handy at times.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’d be interested in a BLF headlamp and I’d probably outfit my hiking partners with one if it’s in the $20-$30 price range. Bring forth the ideas!

“Should be safe”
Are you ready to entrust this statement your life and health? Me not. Cells could be old, could be damaged…

And so it begins…… :smiley: . :smiley:
I’d be interested to know what you have now thijsco19. If it is on par with your other designs you may already have a winner…… :beer: