Where can i buy lead free solder?

And do i need to know anything special about using it vs regular solder?

radio shack

Requires a higher temp.

canada is radio shack free

Might help to mention what you would like. Diameter, small roll, spool, solder paste. Don’t know any Canadian sources myself.

If you can find a Sayal store near you, they have it there of your looking for the thinner electronic stuff. ( http://www.sayal.com/zinc/zinc_SEARCH.asp?txtSEARCH=Rosin+Solder&x=0&y=0 )
I shop at one in Mississauga often. :slight_smile:

Does Canadia have Home Depot? I could swear I bought some lead free solder there before.

replacing LEDs, drivers, and maybe reflowing (in future)

FWIW I don’t know of any reason to use lead-free for hobby purposes.

any amount of lead is poisonous so i see no reason not to, especially if one is soldering indoors

Thought you might say that. :slight_smile: Carry on!

As far as I know, there is no harm in soldering with lead unless you put your PCB’s in your sandwich.

The reason why lead based solder is still around is because lead free solder can be quite touchy and expensive.

i’ve heard lead free is harder to work with and not as good but i’m only working on a few flashlights so i will assume its adequate, and if its more expensive i won’t be using a lot so an extra dollar or two is not an issue.

Do you have a temp controlled iron? I understand lead oxides start to vaporize at about 437°C. Tin/lead 63/37 melts at 183 °C. Lead free solder is used just to keep lead from disposed electronics out of the environment not for worker safety.

Lead or lead free, the flux fumes aren’t the best. You want a fume extractor (fan + carbon filter) if your concerned about health, have asthma or are soldering a lot.

If it’s the non lead replacement solder generally available then adequate might be IMV slightly generous :frowning: . Also the quality varies greatly in the ones I have used. Quick suggestion only buy a small amount first to see how the results are and to find one that suits you. One good thing is that it will sharpen up the soldering technique :cowboy_hat_face: IME it also eats the soldering iron tips.

As Helios has said, I am much more concerned about the fumes from the various fluxes. Some of the aggressive ones are very nasty. I do sometimes use a small fan blowing away from me if I use those sorts of fluxes.

Crappy Tire will have it.

I understand you need flux, flux, and some more flux to be able to handle lead-free-solder properly…

I’m going to buy an iron (probably a cheap one) and do a few driver and LED replacements which i already have the LEDs and drivers for, i can do it outside so no fume hood needed (in the good weather) but thanks for letting me know it still needs the good ventilation so i will refrain from using it indoors since i have no fume hood.

I get silver based solder from the source and homehardware. They also have silver based solder paste at homehardware too. The paste is in a syringe type applicator and should be refrigerated after use.

I have a few pounds of lead free SAC305 Kester solder that I use for projects where I know I will need to sand/grind the solder. Otherwise, I use leaded. I tried to use it for a little while and was able to get acceptable results, I will take leaded solder any day. The [lead free] solder is a much bigger hassle and makes things unnecessarily difficult.