Where can I buy Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500 batteries cheaply?

Where can I buy Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500 batteries cheaply? I’m looking to buy less than 10. I just don’t want to buy fakes. Does someone who owns real GA 3500’s tell me what is printed on their battery so I will be able to see if what I eventually buy are real? Thanks.

imrbatteries.com has them for $5. They are a reputable dealer. No fakes.

Illumn.com. I’ve bought many of these Sanyos, as well as other cells. Always great prices and fast shipping, and never fakes.

Either one of those two suppliers will have genuine batteries

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I have been looking at IMRBatteries . Found they had a 16340 battery listed with a bad spec. Let them know and they changed the spec on their website right away. I am very impressed.

Is $5 a good price for these Sanyo NCR18650GA’s? Is there a better high discharge 18650 in the 3500 range that you would recommend as better?

Here you can compare yourself:

Are you seeing them for less than $5 from any US seller? I think the only way to get them cheaper is to order from China and wait many weeks for delivery.

In the 3500 mAh range, I’d say the GA is probably one of the best. You could also look at Samsung 35E.

I looked at the study thank you. Generally I prefer to ask people who actually use items because they pick up stuff studies don’t.

I thought someone on this site had an Ebay source to buy 10 or 20 batteries for very low prices. But I can’t find the thread. Also I don’t want to buy fakes which is why I usually don’t buy batteries from Ebay unless they are a proven source of quality batteries. I don’t mind waiting for batteries from China. I bought a bunch of 16340 batteries from Solarforce , when they had batteries to sell, and they arrived in 14 days which is about average for China deliveries for me.

You can buy it from AliExpress and it take about 24 days shipping… 4 for $24…


I was going to mention the Liitokala Lii-35A

They are supposed to be rewrapped sanyo GAs. On one hand so far there are no reviews in this forum, on the other, it’s among the few ways to get the GA in some countries without paying double the price of the cells in shipping.

Mine are in the mail and I hope they are the real deal (Liitokala seem to be a trusted brand around here)

Liitokala are the real… I bought from there before, there were 26650… great store…

Liitokala is the real deal. Their chargers are awesome and their batteries are really highly rated by reviewers and well liked in general. I’m planning on getting a Lii-500 charger and a few 3100mAh 18650s from them.

OK so I bought a couple of what IMRBatteries list as Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500’s with a button top attached from their website. There are no markings on the outside. So I put them into my Lii-500 to do a capacity test. I did one battery at a charging rate of 500mA and the other at a charging rate of 700mA. The battery charged at 500m showed a capacity of 3577 and the one charged at the higher rate of 700mA showed a capacity of 3245. So here are my questions.

1) Can I assume that since these tested at or close to the stated capacity that these are genuine Sanyo NCR18650GA 3500’s?

2)Would the different charging rates explain the difference in capacity?

3)When just charging a battery would using a higher charging rate not fill the battery to capacity using a Lii-500 or would the trickle charge at the end fill the battery to capacity?

I would appreciate any other thoughts on battery testing.

Capacity should be measured during discharge cycle. Measuring during charge cycle can be very inaccurate. And yes, the higher the discharge/charge current, the lower the mAh reading will be.

Yes I was measuring the capacity in the NOR discharge/recharge setting.

So to get an accurate capacity reading you are saying I should run the NOR test with the lowest charging setting 300mA?

The only problem with lii chargers is the impossibility of select the current of discharge alone and the low amount too (500ma at max)

In 700~1000mah you get 500mah of discharge and the range of 300~500mah you get 300mah of discharge. In real life, those discharge tests do nothing especially in that battery which have the top valueo of discharge 20x more than the value of lii’s test……

So, you can charge in 300mah for the test and after the charging ends, select nor test with 1000mah and see if the values changes (I will recommend you use those batteries some cicles before doing this, normally rechargeable batteries in the first 5 cicles have dimm capacity.

is imrbatteries.com a chinese company ? do they ship Worldwide ?

I’m not sure . I don’t think they make anything just sell. They ship out of Houston, TX.