Where can I find centering / isolation gaskets for XHP50.3?

Does anyone know a source of centering / isolation gaskets that fit the XHP50.3?

Kaidomain, Convoy (although it’s closed for CNY)


Thanks for the link. Looks like I’ll be in for some waiting before I can build this light…

If anyone has some spares they would like to sell (obviously for a lot more than they cost), let me know. In the meantime I’ll order a few some Kaidomain.
No worries, I find some old smaller one that I could file out a bit.

Are the 50.3 different than the XM-L2

Both have a 50/50 footprint. The same ring or MCPCB works for both.

If you have a 3D printer or maybe a friend of yours does, you can print your own gaskets and optimize them for the light (pill diameter, clearance for PCB wires, perfect hight)

Example: this is for a 10mm Sinkpad, it also prevents the Sinkpad from rotating (friction fit to the pill), ensures the perfect reflector distance and is slighter shorter than the Sinkpad to allow the reflector to press the Sinkpad down on the pill

No access to 3D printer… yet… Something I’ve considered but the learning curve is intimidating.

I didn’t realize that the XM-L2 has the same footprint. Good to know when looking for these things, thanks for that!

Anyhow, the immediate hurry is gone as I’ve found an old smaller gasket and filed it out so I can build the light I intended. Now I can wait for the KD order without being impatient.

Which kind of filament (or resin) did you use for this print? And did you notice any degradation due to the heat?

Just PLA. But that particular light does not get very hot (Sunwayman M11R - it only runs on 1 CR123).

If you are going to run the light hotter there are many filaments to choose from.
I would not expect much degradation anyway, as in this light the filament has nowhere to go.

PLA softens at about 60 °C so it’s difficult to imagine that there isn’t any deforming - since you noticed that your self printed gasket presses the MCPCB down to the pill. Leaving the flashlight in a car at a sunny summer day could even generate these temperature.

I wonder how hot a MCPCB gets in stronger flashlights and whether PETG or ABS/ASA are sufficiently temperature resistant. Other materials with even better temperature resistance are much harder to print.

You definitely have to think about what a light is supposed to be and where it will be used before making a decision on filament.
I do not keep lights in my car except a Maglite, which is rarely used for illumination purposes as I always EDC at least 2 lights.

PLA is not a good choice for many flashlights, but this light does not get hot at all - so no issue there.
PETG should be fine for many lights though, except if you operate them so hot you need gloves - If you do that you know and you will either not use 3D printed parts or chose the right tool (filament) for the right job.