Where can I get 16mm PCB bases for generic LEDs?

I want 16mm base for generic LEDs like this one: http://www.goodluckbuy.com/1w-white-led-bulb-light-3-2-3-4v-350ma-80-90lm.html , to put them in P60 hosts (so I guess 14mm will also be fine, but I think they're too small for this kind of LED). I've only found 20mm bases... (e.g. here: http://www.goodluckbuy.com/index.php?target=products&bid=42&sl=EN&aff_id=9128&product_id=61434 , at least I think it's 20mm, judging by the star shape which I've never seen on less than 20mm boards)

If no such bases exist, which base is similar enough to what I need that suits?

(And how is this LED's packaging called anyway?)

are called led pcb, led circuit boards, led stars(usually 20mm star form), led base

here some or that

is for many or just 1? Can I ask why u want do that? xD

add: most of chinese dirty cheap, not cree, power led flashlights/headlamp have that kind of leds with 16mm pcb

I know about the names you mentioned :) I asked about the LED's packaging name, looks like some kind of standard.

It's for a few tests, among which making a more powerful UV light than the ones I have with a LED I found on TaoBao, for a fraction of the price LEDs mounted on PCBs cost.

And thanks for the links! The eBay one looks fitting, I don't know why I didn't find it when I searched it.

ah sry my english lacks xD

btw is not that the scentific name? xD

btw here is called just powerled SMD/SMT nothing of new dunno how are called

SMD - Surface mounted device

SMT - Surface mount technology

It is just usually related to the star or led pcb but the meaning is nothing to do with the "plate" a led is (if it is) applied to. At least using those acronyms will lead you nowhere near you0re looking for.

You can make the board yourself with bottlecaps and a knife if needed. You probably do not require any particular heatsinking... or do you?

It should be a 3W (700mA @ 4.2V) or a little over 5W (700mA @ 8.4V) LED, so I guess I'll need some heat sinking.


Wow! 65 of them for 5.80.