Where can I get 21700 storage boxes/cases for protected cells?

Any recommendations for protected 21700? I have not found anything on Banggood or Gearbest and those on Aliexpress seem to fit for unprotected only.


Thank you mortuus. Are you sure this case will also be large enough for protected 21700s, e.g. Acebeam 21700 protected?
BTW: The link seems to be broken, I assume you mean this item? I get “There was no 404 CMS page configured or found.” when I click the link.

Update: Strange…my link also seems to be not working. I have to go to NKON and look for the case manually and then the link works. Very strange.

Try again.

Henk4U2, are you working for NKON? :wink: Still, I am curious if those will be appropriate to extra long protected 21700s.

Nope, I wish I were. But Netherland is only a fraction bigger than Disneyland :crown:
So we all know everyone. Arjan, the owner of NKON, is a really nice guy. If you ask him by mail, he will answer you if he can.

I did not have the honor to talk or write to Arjan yet but Elmer (his colleague/team member) is at least as friendly and helpful as him. I can only say that NKON is my favourite supplier when it comes to batteries. Fast, reliable, friendly…probably comparable to Richard’s MTN in America :wink: