Where could i get a good host for...

I recently came across a 14430 battery, and it charges no problem in my SOshine Charger....

now the question is, this battery would make a PERFECT power source for a super small, super bright host (say q5? or R5!!!)

BUT!!!! i cant find anything anywhere on a flashlight this size, except for a 338 dollar flashlight from back in the day

with this battery now being in hardware stores (tho it is pricey, at lowes a 2 pack is 13 bux, 3.2V 400mAh)

i think we should start seeing more hosts using it!

while run time would be low (my guess the best it could handle is 1A, ergo about 20 mins lol) with mutliple modes this could be the best keychain light of all time!!!

There's the Orb Raws which use 14250s - not all that cheap though.

14430 should fit in 14500 AA size lights with some help.

yea i was hoping for a short little pocket light with this guy

i guess ill have to wait for the demand lol

You can try to search it in some online store base on the size

yea i gave up on this one. lol

thanks for tryin man!