Where do I find 4x18650 case? Everywhere is having 2x18650 cases...

EDIT: 20131226

Everywhere I see, they are selling 18650 cases that could fit 2 of those batteries.

Where can I find cases that could fit 4 18650 batteries AT ONCE?

Well, there are 4 x AA/14500 case that could well fit 4 batteries:

But the whole world seem to only produce cases that could only fit 2 x 18650?

Does it have to be plastic? These can hold 3 I think but not 4.


Thanks for the suggestion. That seems to be for 4xAA batteries instead. And I’d prefer plastic.

There are 4xAAA/AA plastic cases but the whole world seem to only produce 2x18650 cases?

I’d love to find some too… for keeping matched sets for SRK’s and Schwarzeneggers Terminators matched.

Yes exactly. Sometimes the batteries just don’t come in pairs but in sets of 4! So I want a case that could fit 4 at once!

Looks like there isn’t any, judging from the ultra low response to this thread.

You could color code the box. Two purple boxes fit four 18650 cells. etc.

Velcro and the 2-up cases has worked for me.

For larger multiples, however, I use cases designed for shotgun shells. There may be something in that arena to suit your needs.

Holders yes, just cases, no.

Glue or something 2 cases together. Job done.

maybe that case can fit 4x18650


if you put the batteries(<68mm) horizontally in it.

Try your local drug-stores CVC, Walgreens, eTC. for the plastic hinged soap dishes.

I searched around and found a perfect fit for my flat mini-digicam…sooooo

There should be one out there for four 18650’s if you look around.

@mopo: thanks, that seem to be a good idea. But anyone tried it yet?

@Streamer: ok, will go look around shops that sell all kinds of containers/boxes/cases, etc.

Pretty sure i have that 26650 case and you can't get 4 in it, you can get 3 but they don't sit flush and would rattle.

Thanks for testing! Awww that’s sad.

Seriously, why do manufacturers not produce 4x18650 cases? I’m pretty sure it would sell.

I think i would appreciate a 3 18650 box just as much, to suit my sets used in my tn30, tn31 and xtar s1 which all take 3…

On the subject, the local post office has posted a sign regarding mailing lithium batteries. Very specific around the number of cells per container not to exceed two. Two packages of two per shipment. That’s international.

Domestic, the sign says the cells must be installed in a device. No loose cells. I’m hearing “Anything liquid, fragile….any lithium batteries in the package” from the nice people behind the counter.

Should try to take a photo of the sign. It went on the wall less than a week ago. Could have something to do with these cases.

Side note, you could pick up a 4x 18650 “powerbank” off the Bay (I’ve got a black and white one with AILI on it - looks like an icecream sandwich) for like $10. It holds four cells in a small case plus is USB charge ready…

I hope this help you, I use; Food Storage Airtight Containers, you have to find the right size, what I have can hold 9 18650 and the small one 6 of them.

I masking tape ALL my batteries.

I have a reference single mode P60 drop-in that CCs 1.0A to the LED (not very reliable for batt measurement, I know) in this case, an XP-G which cuts off at 3.4V. I test runtimes of all my 18650s on it until cut-off voltage and then mark the approximate runtime on the tape.

For the pairs/quads I keep together, I mark them with a unique letter.

hi im a newbie( these may b of use…)

Yep I would appreciate it too. Seems like the 26650 box from FastTech is your best choice.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I would just like to store the batteries and not use them for a portable USB-charger.

Thanks for the pic! That’s a whole lot of batteries and neatly arranged!

Nah, don’t like tapes. But maybe marking the plastic wrapper using some marker would be good. Cause now I don’t know which of my batteries came first as they all look the same.

I ran across my car stereo’s face plate holder case stuffed in my glove box. Since I never remove my face plate I’m going to cut a piece of foam for it to hold 4 18650s. You might be able to find some cheap on ebay. Being long and narrow they fit in storage pockets a little easier than square containers.