Where do you buy your eneloops from?

Mainly directed to Aussie buyers but O/S sellers with cheap post is ok too.

I recently bought an 8 pack from an Aussie ebay seller for $35 delivered but I see that they sell for 10 US a 4 pack. So I am hoping someone knows a good place to get them.

I got mine including the charger from DS when they had it on special for 20 bucks. AFAIK ebay's more expensive. I usually check OZB to see if there's a bargain somewhere.

US$10 for 4 is better than I'd expect to pay here in the UK

Yeah- but the problem is getting them to post for a reasonable price and then there is always the risk of getting fakes.

If I needed some, Id think of buying these at the rate of $35 for 8.


Please dont buy them out before I get one.

http://www.7dayshop.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=777_3&products_id=109612 £12.69 for 8

also these have a 10 040H or Y which should mean April 2010 manufacture date

Sorry I dont have any closer to home for edc.

I got mine from


Who were the cheapest in the UK a few years ago. But I bought 40 of them which got me a better price.

I tend not to use eBay as I distrust them intensely.

+1 for 7dayshop and component-shop. Both have given me very good customer service before.

BTW the component-shop will build welded packs of Eneloops for a small (ish) fee. I had 6AA Eneloop packs made up to fit in a 2D maglite at £15 per pack. Cheaper than buying a good battery holder and batteries.

They sell locally for 25$-35$ for a foursome... :/

If I want to buy off online stores - how can I tell if I buy genuine batteries?

I see all kinds of package types, some may be old version, some may be fake...

Also - has anyone tried the Eneloop XX? They have 2500mAh at the expense of recharge cycles - 500 instead of 1500 for the regular eneloops.

I read the feedback and hope that someone has bought them who can tell what is fake or not. I bought from an Aus seller who isnt too far away from me that if he sold me fakes I could go and see him and shove them up... you know what I mean. Hong Kong sellers worry me as that is where the fakes originate from.

I've bought from here, http://stores.ebay.com.au/enjoycamera/SANYO-ENELOOP-Battery-/_i.html?_fsub=1019369016&_sid=857159776&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322 on 3 occasions.

All have been genuine, verified by testing on my C9000 and of course actual use.


Damn didn't see that. Good price!

I just bought a 12 pack for $36 usd. 36.56 aud (paypal exchange rate lol) from the above link.

Now waiting for the xx eneloops to appear at a reasonable price.

thanks didge

Don, I love your input and I've long wanted to ask you... what do you do with all those flashlights and batteries? I thought you just liked collecting/trying flashlights until you mentioned buying all those eneloop batteries... care to share in public? Curious.

No worries - it's the best price I've found! I'm also waiting to try the new ones, they may perform slightly better in a flashgun, but the originals are pretty hard to beat.


Oh no!Surprised My alter-ego batteryfool took over and just ordered 12 Sanyo 2500mAh XXeloops for $67.80 -- Oh well. Frown

dont use Ebay when affected by alcohol. I bought aaa instead of aa. lol... working on the aa now. only a few $$ more. What am I going to do with another 12aaa. I recently bought 12 aaa.... aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Problem solved. For an additional $3.00 He let me change my order to AA. Good seller.

not too bad only a bit more than the normal eneloop price in australia. Waiting on someone to test these to see if they are worth the extra cost.

As soon as I get them I'll put them in my C9000 and then post the numbers. I bought them at 8pm wednesday night and they were shipped the next day thursday at 4pm which is great but who knows when they'll actually arrive.

No point in having them if you can't go mad and try to get them all to light up at the same time. That requires of the order of 150 cells.

I doubt I regularly use more than 20 of them - at the moment that's mostly the ones bought or modded in the last three months -i.e., all the XM-L lights and the "older" Varapower. I'm quite pleased with the modded HS-802 and can't wait to try it at a longer range. I think I can get a 300 metre line of sight. It is hard to tell with powerful throwers just how powerful they are till you can get some distance.

I hope to do a massive beamshot compilation next week of everything I can find at a bit longer range than I usually use. This is if the weather allows me to get to where I'm planning to go. By the time I've put the lights, batteries and chargers in the car, I hope there's room for the assistant, my snow gear and some food and fuel. Looks like I will have to walk in the last kilometre and carry food, fuel, clothes and lights so we'll see. A large saddle bag for the assistant sounds like a good idea...

Or a sledge. Wonder if the assistant could tow a sledge?