Where do you buy your parts from?

So most of us know DX and KD, but where else supplies DIY parts?

Not just LEDs and drivers, I was thinking of hosts, optics, reflectors, whathaveyou?

Most of my parts came from other lights. There are loads of budget suppliers who may have useful stuff. The Trustfire TR-801 is a good reflector donor for the Mr.Lite J4 or the BLF special version of that - the TIR optic from it also works fine in the TR-801. Someone was selling these lights ridiculously cheap on eBay. If you have a lathe or access to one, a tour round the local industrial estate may well get you a lifetime's raw materials for little or nothing.

B&Q (UK equivalent of Home Depot) can come up with all sorts of handy stuff. It's amazing how many plumbing parts can be repurposed.

LED Supply and Illumination Supply for anything emitter/star, Shiningbeam for drivers, tailcap rubbers, sometimes emitters and O-rings. Lighthound or Battery Junction for hosts and lights.

All U.S. and all very responsive with fast shipping.


Dang Rich, have you been looking at my paypal activity recently? I've made a purchase from each of those 5 places in the past week. Good shops, and quick delivery. I find my tolerance for DX-style shipping delays gets less and less with each order.

thats cause the delays get longer and longer... still waiting on my package for over a month now