Where have all the high-power lasers gone?

Hey anybody else notice... that none of our favorite shops are carrying any wavelength (color) laser with greater than 5mW output. Even when I switch to my VPN servers in Europe and Asia I can't find anything available. Is it just me or did somebody crackdown on the sellers?

I noticed the same things last month when i was in a market for a high power green pointer. DD used to have good group buy for laserpointerforum.com

Edit: manafont had some when i checked last week, i just went there and all is gone ...wow

Guess i should hurry and order some before they all stop carry them. I'm waiting for 150mw green laser with its own power certificate from lazerer.com, order Oct/4 and was shipped on Oct/9. Anyone has any experience with them?

o-like still there.


I meant to say those sellers that were still shipping high-power lasers to the US... And it looks like ML had the answer.... damn PayPal anyway

No problem, plenty of good stuff within US, and perfectly legal. Read what is legal and what is not.