Where is the "Recommend me a flashlight" form?

I remember filling out a form to make a forum post on a site (I think it was BLF).

It asked all sorts of things (battery, button location, throw versus flood) in a really nice format.

A friend is asking me for a suggestion for a light for her husband and I thought I would send her that as a prompt to help think about all the different aspects.

Do you know where that is?


You might be thinking of the ‘recommendation form’ on r/flashlight. Here’s a link.

There’s also some more info about choosing a light here.

Perhaps you can copy and paste that into an email for your friend. I’m sure we’d all like to help with some suggestions. :partying_face:


that specific sub-forum may be located on a related site. Please see the Related Site list, on the left margin, and maybe it is located there.

That form was on CPF, though I felt it was sort of useless. See the stickied “flashlight recommendation checklist” post at the top of the recommendation request section: