Where to buy an Eagle Eye X6 tailswitch retaining ring?

Pretty much that. I lost the retaining ring that holds the switch in the tail of an Eagle Eye X6. No idea how that happened. Anybody know where to buy a replacement?

Hey mate have you asked Eagle Eye on Aliexpress? Other wise you may be able to solder the switch in place?

OD is more critical than ID, but the same retaining rings for drivers to hold them onto pills might be used similarly for switches.

Try FT to see if anything matches?

I haven’t reached out to Eagle Eye directly. I’ll try to figure out how to do that. I’m really not sure the dimensions on the piece but I’ll shop around. And yes I considered just soldering it into place. Definitely an option, but one of last resort. Thanks for the input.

No, they wont fit.


That’s their store. I’m sure they’ll ship one out to you if you ping them.

Erm, not sure if that link is working. Try this.