Where to buy high CRI Warm White LEDs on star ?

I want to build or find a P60 drop-in with a tint close to incan. I love the light color of my mini-maglite.

I have found this : bare Cree XM-L2 S6, 7D3 Tint (~2900K) 90+ CRI > https://illuminationsupply.com/bare-leds-c-52_36_88/cree-xml2-bare-s6-7d3-tint-2900k-90-cri-p-615.html

But $34.69 shipping cost for France… And I have never tried reflow.

Or the IOS XM-L2 T4 5B1 (80CRI Min.) but its only 80 CRI and Neutral White…

I can only wait since a store sell it at a realistic price ?

You could ask illuminationsupply if shipping could be lower since a single bare emitter should fit in a padded envelope.

Reflowing is easy. FT solder paste

Unfortunately trackable shipping is that cost since the only option is Priority Mail International. If you want to opt for non-trackable First Class International, the cost is around $6.41 Until the USPS makes their international shipping rates more affordable, I'm afraid there's not much we can do.

Oh yea, I believe USPS raised international shipping rates.
CalvinIS, your fast. :beer:

If you only want XML there isn’t many options.
Nichias are available in warm white 92 typical CRI.

An immediate reply from Illumination supply ! This is what I call a wonderful service quality. :smiley:

Its a reasonable price considering the rarity of the item, is there will be an star-mounted version or in option ?

Unfortunately I do not believe we will be carrying a star option, our sales numbers of mounted LEDs have been falling and sales for high CRI are an even smaller niche.

Hi Omega,

I can re-flow a brand new one onto a copper Noctigon for you.

It would cost you 15$ with shipping. PM me if you are interested.

I could easily throw in something extra for a low price (WW (92CRI) Nichia 119 or something..

Just putting the price out in the public in case anyone wants to make you a better offer.

PM me if you are interested.