Where to find XRE R2 LED's

Where can I buy XRE R2 LEDs? I have checked int. outdoor and they don’t even list them. I have difficulty navigating the Kaidomain sight. I put led in the search box and click the search button and it does nothing. Any help would be appreciated.



DX has XRE emitters

Is there much of a noticeable difference between R2 and Q5?

I ask because LEDDNA has Q5 for $2.85 each, $2.57 if you can find that 10% code that's floating around.


This is were I get my XRE-R2s they are the brightest ones I have found. They pull 2.8 amps on direct drive. They are really fast shipping also around two weeks tops.

Thanks everyone. Erik which driver would you suggest. I want them for my Jacob A60. It pulls about 1.9A on a good Eagletac 18650 2500 with the stock emitter and driver. It is an awesome thrower now but I want to push it over the top.

You could just use the stock driver 1.9amps will push it along fine or if you want to max it out a Nanjg 105c is what I use, it will feed it the full 2.8 amps it wants.

If you want one fast go with Shiningbeam, Illumination Supply only has the 3 amp ones it’s a little to much for this XRE


If you don’t mind waiting DX has them cheaper or I can send you one if you want.


Do you think if I used the stock driver with an imr it would push it to the 2.8 amp max? I put an aw imr in and it pulled 2.4 with stock emitter.

It’s probably a direct drive on high driver so it probably would deliver close to max with an IMR. Give it a try you have nothing to lose.

Thanks. I will try it as soon as my emitter comes in.

Whats a good source for an XRE-R2 P60 drop-in that pulls decently?

I had this single mode Q5 and R2 before I started making my own.

This is the brightest stock XRE drop in I have found. The single mode Ultrafire Q5 drop in is much brighter than the single mode R2 because it has a better driver, but it’s a little more expensive also.


Here is the R2 I had, the Ultrafire Q5 blows it away


Here are some other I haven’t tested.