Where to get a driver for a 1,4volt led (1,4amp) to be used with one lion battery

Where to get a driver for a 1,4volt led (1,4amp) to be used with one lion battery

Its for a IR flashlight

i have one P60 IR dropin , but it gets extremely hot

now i bought a 5 wat (4 chip ) Ir led and plan to use it in a C8 body

LOOOONG time ago i bought a driver with a small potentiometer ,it was suposely a good (buck boost)driver for

one lion battery ,, but that was with a white led . i dont know if it will work with a 1,4 volt led

At least one of your numbers is wrong. 1.4V * 1.4A = 1.96 Watts, but you state that it's a 5 Watt LED. We can help you once you correct the information you've provided. I suspect it's the 1.4V that is incorrect.


Well they ARE sold as 5 watt

and i have seen them many places , all rated at 1,4 volt to 1,7 (pulsing ) and 1,4 amp (2 amps pulsing )

i know it dosnt ad up to 5 watt ??

but the values should be ok

i once did test a 3 wat version (3 chips) and it took 1,2 amps at ca 1,4 volt

adding one more chip ,but starting to get cramped in there , and 1,4 amps sound right


5W is simply Chinese marketing-speak. The 1.4V forward voltage sounds about right for an IR led.

I know it's not efficient, but you could use something like an LM317T as a current regulator. Here's a simple tutorial: http://www.reuk.co.uk/Using-The-LM317T-With-LED-Lighting.htm

Maybe it's power rating is just overstated.

@PilotPTK: 1.4V sounds right for a IR LED, they're all under 2V.

@OP: you'd need to find low-voltage buck driver.. they're not very common, good luck finding one. Alternatively you could use 4*AMC7135 driver, but with Vf of 1.4V it'd be very inefficient and waste a lot of power.