Where to get Eneloop AAAs?

I need a few (8 or so) rechargeable AAA batteries. My old rechargeables are generic and really don’t last very long. The applications will be a wireless mouse and a couple of 3xAAA LED headlamps. I don’t want to get fakes. Where is the best place to go to get eneloop AAA rechargeable batteries right now? I see they have them for $11.xx at FastTech, but that’s higher than eBay. I’m assuming the eBay stuff must be fake…. or, can I get real Eneloops for less?


They won’t be much cheaper anywhere. I bought mine on amazon.

Look for Duracell manuf. coupons in the paper. Target sells 4-packs of Duracell LSD AAAs that are rebranded Eneloops (look for white tops and “Made in Japan” on the package). I got two 4-packs for around ten bucks apiece thanks to Duracell manufacturer’s coupons.

Amazon has them for $8.15 (Prime) for 4xAAA:


The ones at Amazon are the outdated, second generation.

I don’t know about pricing in the US, but I think the FastTech price for 4xAAA is good, for 3rd gen. Amazon UK have them slightly cheaper (from iCell Media).

for his intended application thats not a big problem, though watching amazon for deals is a good idea, they can be very cheap on occasion

I second that. Second gen Eneloops are still plenty good. $2/cell is a decent price for them.

Thomas Distributing… then you can be 100% sure they’re legit.

You can then pick between Sanyo Eneloops and Imedion which are as good or better cells in my experience. (I have 4 of the AAA Imedion, and bunches of AA for my camera flashes….they get worked very hard and are always dependable)

Costco has them cheapest, I paid around 20 bucks for 8 or 10 pieces or something like that. You can choose AAs or AAAs there if they have them in stock.

Yes and No, they actually carry both 2nd & 3rd gen and are cheaper than FastTech.

I bought packs of both from them, the manufacture date on the 2nd gens were 11-2012 and the 3rd gens are 9-2012 so I wouldn’t call them outdated by any sense of the word.

I have a packet of 2nd gen AAA, made in 2012.

Comparing 1st and 4th gen is different (1000 cycles vs. 2100). But application and prices are relevant too.

What do you mean they carry 3rd gen? I’ve been looking at that link for months but I didn’t notice the 3rd gens, how do you get them?

Also, why would they keep making the old model batteries after they come out with the new models?

3rd gens I bought;

Eneloop 3rd gen AA

Eneloop 3rd gen AAA



picrthis those AA eneloops are the ones I have been steering people to, at $10.50 for four, (when you by 16), that seems like a great price, the AAAs at $10.00 for four when you buy 12, is pretty good, but a little steep compared.

Steve P. those at adorama are gen 2 aren’t they?

By the way, I decided that I’m going to put off buying regular AAA eneloops for a while and search for Pro-AAA (and Pro-AA) eneloops, since I only need a few more.

Could anyone tell me a site that sells genuine Eneloop 3rd or 4th generation and ships internationally?

FastTech sell genuine 3rd gen eneloops and ship internationally. I received a packet of these yesterday:

Thanks. Fasttech seems to have 3rd gen AAA eneloops, but only 2nd gen AA eneloops. Is there another good source that ships internationally?