where to get good 18650

Hello everyone,

I haven’t bought any for a long time and was wondering iare LG and samsung the best bang for buck right now?
Where should i get decent 18650 at good price? i need approx 8-10 batteries

Try this : https://18650canada.com

Yeah, Samsung 30Q is probably the best bang-for-the-buck, and good for high-drain lights too.

Thanks for reply guys!



What about the 35E?
Its mainly too use with these headlights https://www.amazon.ca/-/fr/gp/product/B07XFZHDM4/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

35E should be ok for that light. It has more capacity than 30Q. That light doesn’t look like it requires a high current battery anyways. Not sure if it needs flat top or button top for that light.

I wouldnt buy that headlamp personally :wink:

35E is good for up to 8 amps drain, which is plenty for single-emitter lights. I wouldn’t use it in something more powerful like the FW3A, but IIRC the designers were saying it’s okay for that too. IMO, the 30Q is a better cell for high-drain lights like the FW3A.

What would you recommend then?

These are my favourite cells:

1. Samsung INR18650-30Q Good high-drain cell (15A), 3000mAh good capacity. Very affordable. Robust. Perfect for almost any light.

2. Sony US18650VTC6 Slightly better high-drain performer than the 30Q (15-20A). Slightly more capacity (4.5% in my tests).

3. Sanyo/Panasonic NCR18650GA Great high-capacity (3500mAh) and good-drain (10A) cell. 18% more capacity than the 30Q in my tests. Best all-purpose cell for everything but very high-drain multi-emitter lights.

4. Samsung INR18650-35E Similar to the GA cell, but slightly lower drain (8A). I have a few of these, but haven’t used them much, but they seem like great cells if you can’t get the GA.

I don’t have any really high-drain cells (like the 25A or 30A versions). They’re lower capacity, but probably good if you’re driving a very high-drain light like an Emissar D4.

I also use some of the older cells, like Samsung 26H, in less demanding lights. They’re lower drain and lower capacity, but still fine (and cheap) if you can’t get any modern cells. I wouldn’t recommend them in high-drain lights, but they’re good in things like the Convoy S2+ or Convoy C8.

Thanks for your reply but i tought i had quote @Bearbreeder as i were refering at which flashlight he would buy

I’ve had mixed results with this vendor. I ordered some Sanyo GA 18650s and some button top Samsung 35E 18650’s. The Sanyos were good but the Samsung 35E were unsatisfactory. They were nearly 3 years from the manufacture date and arrived at 4V. My mc3000 showed a high resistance and my discharge tests never showed above 3000mah. I did get the “DBSAR” discount though. :slight_smile: