where to get helping hands with magnifying glass

Hi all I've been gone for a while for one my phone was stolen ,which is my only link to the web so no insurance has sent me a s4 which iam still learning how to use,any whos I have attempted a simple modna few weeks ago and failed I really haven't had time to look into it buy what I do remember was not having the dexterity or vision with my thick tri- focals so I was wondering if anyone knows where I can get some helping hands with a movable magnifying glasses to help me with holding small parts and hopefully see what I am trying to solder. Thanks in advance.

I picked mine up in a local harbor freight.
If you go there don’t forget the 20% off one item coupon.

+1. I picked mine up for like $2.50 with the coupon . I also picked up another free tape measure.
It’s not the nicest helping hands in the world but for the money I think it’s great.

I got mine from Amazon.

Fasttech sells at least 4 of them. Radio Shack has one, which I have had many years.

I removed the magnifier. It just seems to get in the way, and I prefer a magnifying visor.

For the I put so is there one model better or preferred over the other?

Lame question but what is the proper terminology for them?I am asking because when I looked up helping hands on Fasstechs website it pulled up a camera strap,

Under Electronic components --> Tools and Equipments,

search for "magnifier". You'll find them along with other magnifiers.

Here's one (I think the same one RS sells)


I got mine off ebay for less than $10. They all seem to come with small bases which causes them to be tippy. I hot glued a 4 x 4 bathroom tile to the base. Works really well at keeping it stable. Put stick-on rubber feet on the bottom to prevent it from sliding around

Found it

Was contemplating getting one, but I don’t need the magnifying glass. Thinking of dropping by a stationary shop and picking up this instead. :bigsmile:

Today a whopping 2.99$ it just doesn’t have the separate solder iron holder but my family’s happy that I don’t have one holding magnifying glass or small parts to solder lol thanks for input you all always come through.

Great Idea! I have a 4x4 tile in my soldering station box already. I’m gonna hot glue that baby on there tomorrow.

You would think the glazing on the tile would be a poor hot glue bond, but it's been holding up surprisingly well for the past 6 months.

Good idea Glenn. I got my HH from HF for very little…like $3 and change.

I got mine from Amazon. It was cheaper than the ones from FastTech.

Cheapest I found on eBay with free shipping, US$6.99. http://www.ebay.com.sg/itm/Third-Hand-Soldering-Iron-Stand-Helping-Magnifying-ToolNew-/230916718062