Where to get rosiest colored LED light bulbs?

Any recommendations on where to get a very rosy colored (below the BBL) 90CRI light bulb? My walls are painted yellow with a tint of green and at night, it doesn’t look good at all. I want to get the rosiest one possible to make my walls appear more neutral.

I don’t know about rosiest ,but this looks promising. A 95 CRI in an A19 form factor. I’m looking to ,maybe, snag a couple to test especially if they’re anything like the 95 CRI sst-20’s.

I can’t speak for Waveform’s other products, but unfortunately the 2700K filament style bulbs have an ugly green tint that kind of negates the benefits of high R9. I also have quite a few Hyperikon bulbs. All the diffused ones are green, and all the filament style ones (A19 and E12) are rosy, as are the BR30s and PAR20s. No idea if that holds true for current stock, obviously. I’ve also had a high failure rate with the filament ones. Keep in mind pretty much all filament style bulbs have visible PWM because of the lack of space for electronics.

Philips warm glow bulbs might do the job, assuming you can get them where you are. Have to be the warm glow though.
Can you fit a rosy coloured lampshade? Or if you have spotlights how about putting some coloured art paper in a picture frame and placing it where the spot hits the wall? You might find neon pink works well for that :slight_smile:

Thanks. I will look into them.