Where's ComfyChair?

ComfyChair (Chris) hasnt been around in a few weeks. Has anyone heard from him? Is he ok? It's rare for him not to be around schooling people.

Just concerned something happened to him. I have his email but if he's busy or had some personal issues come up I dont want to bother him. Maybe someone else here is more friendly with him and has heard from him...

Hmm. I was wondering the same just a few days ago... Hope all is well with comfy. Keeping my fingers crossed.

+1 Same here.

Sitting down…

I noticed that too about a week ago. I also noticed that if you look at the old threads you would be surprised as who else hasn’t been around for awhile. I thought of opening an AWOL - MIA thread, but then I thought that might be awkward or even creepy.
A lot of us are separated from everybody else except thru this forum.
I hope he’s OK.

Also remember that we are entering the holiday seasons and some people have more family commitments from year to year than other years.

Hope he’s doing well, but people do take breaks, especially through the holidays.

I thought about opening a "R.I.P." thread for those users that were so active, contributed so much, but haven't been around for 6 months or more. I was going to ask people to post usernames for users they miss contributions from.


This is about comfy and I dont want to derail it.
However, how about a thread which includes all who contribute so much. Active current or in the past.

With some others Scaru, Chicago X, Gords101, Kriesler, Relic38 and Foy?

Pilotptk, Match, Lumatic(edit- prolly get 50).

Don , fishinfool , pretzy ,Vectrex .....

After which maybe we can we talk about the members we're glad to see gone :P

My mother told me” if you can’t say anything nice then don’t say anything at all. That might devolve into talking about those we might wish were gone so maybe best not to start down that road.

FWIW I think there’s already one or more “who’s missing” threads. IMO it’s really just kind of depressing to think of all the big contributors who’ve left. Also FWIW it’s pretty well known where some of those named above have gone (others not so much).

It would be nice to see comfychair show up again, hopefully he’s just on a mega-vacation for the holidays. I’ll try and lure him back, here goes: I want to let everyone know that I’m building a grand piano out of copper in order to improve it’s performance.ducks

He pmd me a couple of weeks ago he’s doing well and still buying torches.

Thanks Boaz. That was real nice. I had not seen them before and also thanks to fishinfool for taking the effort to post them up.

Oh crap, here he comes now!

He does not care if it is copper aluminum or brass if the does the job as good as possible. One of the few people that does not slam brass.

Here's one more

I hope comfy returns.