Where's my stuff?

Ok, I ordered the Lumintop EDC18 from Amazon a week ago. I really like the looks of it and I’m pumped to get it. Amazon told me upon ordering that the order would be drastically delayed due to their dedication to shipping more essential items. I accepted that…….at the time. Projected shipping date was around the end of April. I thought as long as it was coming, that was ok………at the time. But now I’m starting to get twitchy. I’m hunkered down up here in the mountains during a national crisis. Neighbors could run short of food and come in the night. I need that frickin light! Yeah, I got 20 or 30 other lights but I think that illuminated rabbit on the Lumintop could make the difference in finding my light in time to ward off pillagers. I don’t think Amazon understands that. I know they want to get the essentials shipped out first but its a flashlight. I’m sure it’d fit between 2 boxes of face masks. Nobody would ever know.

We all know what our definition of "Essential" is. Other people don't.

A few days ago, I ordered the first thing that I ever ordered from Amazon. 60 years old, I never have. $28, free shipping. I know that it is an Essential item.

Free shipping: One month to arrive. Other things must be essentialer.

Study Edition, Bible. It's The End Of This World. I feel the spirit pulling me to The Other Kingdom. I need that bible!

Lumintop EDC18 looks like a very nice and very essential item. I just got my Lumintop FW4A quad W2 a few days ago. I am very happy with it. It is a contender for Worlds Most Powerful Mouth Hold Light.

I hope you get yours soon!

I ordered a flashlight from Amazon also . After a week with no shipping information I chatted with a representative and explained a flashlight is a necessity item. They said it would be expedited but two days later I cancelled the order because it still had not shipped

I read where Jeff Bezos made another 24 billion in 2020. So I doubt he cares about my necessities at all.

You ordered knowing that it wouldn’t ship until the end of April.
This is 100% your fault.
If you couldn’t wait then you should have bought from somewher else.

This is a hard room.

Essential shipping delay is BS

I would bet that there is no stock in the US. Most likely it comes from China

Amazon is getting really tricky regarding shipping information

Amazon is messing around I was gonna order an item made right here in the good old US of A. At checkout I was hoping for relatively quick shipping but was given the info that May 7 was estimated shipping date.

Ok, my Lumintop EDC18 arrived today. My whining was totally unnecessary. Sorry about that.
Love this little light. It is everything I hoped it would be but then of course, its still daylight here, so I wouldn’t really know, would I?
Quick question though to EDC18 owners—Must the illuminated bunny be on all the time? I’d have liked the bunny to be lit when the light is turned off and unlit when the light is on. Is this configurable? Thanks. :slight_smile:

5. Lbs. Coffee. Beans.

Guess Amazon’s definition of “essential items” differs from mine.

Took a coupla weeks to get ’em.