Wheres the most interesting place you misplaced a flashlight?

I was up on the roof seeing if the chimney was blocked (it wasn’t) because the furnace died yesterday and i can’t figure out why. I had my Convoy M1 so i could see down the chimney, and on my way back to he ladder it fell out of my pocket. On the plus side when i went back for it a few mins later it was within broom distance of the ladder.

I believe it was GaryBunk whose Convoy S2 went through a snowblower, how about you?

My ITP A3eos survived being in a furnace for three months >)

I “accidentally” left my Maglite in neighbors apt a couple weeks ago. She is very beautiful and friendly. I’ve gone back to “look” for the Maglite several times. :wink: so far we haven’t been able to locate it.
Maybe I’ll go over tonight and cook dinner while she tries to locate my beloved Maglite :)!!

In the dark.

Sorry! couldnt resist lol.

I had a Maglite Solitaire bouncing around covered in grease & dirt under the engine of my snowmobile for 2 full winter seasons. ( 2 years) i found it when i pulled the engine out to replace seals and rings.

I've only misplaced two flashlights for a long time. The first was a Princetontec Impact.

What a wonderful light for its time. Its slightly defocused aspheric lens put an even circle of light on targets, it compared well to Maglights as a much smaller size, and it could take a lot of abuse. The last part was what really surprised me when I found it many years later in my brothers car with the head cracked off.

The next light was a cheapie like you'd find in the blister packs at Costco a few years ago or now for free at Harbor Freight. I always kept it under the back seat of my motorcycle, so I was sure it somehow bounced its way out. A month ago I found it in my mountains of camping gear. I have no idea why I'd put it there.

Misplaced my Fenix PD32 in the Long Island Sound…needless to say, I am still looking for it…

Fenix PD32UE dropped out of my pocket into a snowbank in Jan and got a call in March that they found it outside next to the building.
Still looked good and worked fine :slight_smile:

Picture please? Or better yet, video please?

droped my eagletec p20a on a mountain side near a truck stop near Calgary after jumping around in 4 feet of snow .came back to Vancouver all depressed ... found the light 5 months later in a drain during another trip to Calgary from Vancouver !!! snow had all melted .and light had come to settle in a drain poking out waiting for me :P .gave it away to a buddy at work

:cowboy_hat_face: :bigsmile:

Kodachrome, I was fully expecting a very nice picture of a MagLight. :wink:

I lost my convoy S4 in the Jemez wilderness on a search and rescue mission looking for a lost firefighter.
I also lost my jetbeam ba10 in the snow in front of my parents house. Found it a week or so later still working just fine after I had already purchased a replacement.
Had two mag-lights “lost” out of the back of my truck |(

TBD - I still have to find it!

My Inova Bolt 2-AAA must have fallen out of my coat pocket or backpack in the trunk of my car., and rolled into the hidden spare tire compartment under a carpet and wooden panel. It sat there waiting discovery for almost two years, I gave it up as lost.

At a collision shop, the owner and I were searching for possible hidden rear body damage in the trunk from a fender bender accident, and I think I scared him with my excitement with the sudden find of my long lost light!

Loaded with Duraloops, of course, it fired right up very bright!

Lol, maybe I can get the nice neighbor lady to like flashlights

I read the article about the firefighter. I am saddened by the loss.

Is there a thread here on BLF on search and rescue? I searched and came up empty. Some helpful tips could potentially help save lives.

that is insane

Is that your "one time at band camp" story :D