Which are better Sky Ray 3800 or Trustfire 3T6??

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I want to know which are better Sky Ray 3800 or Trustfire 3T6 in the amount of light that it gives??

Reading all the posts, the Trustfire looks like the 'better' build light??


I can only say the trustfire looks like a better build due to the threaded drop-in, and also for having the 3*18650 option.

I agree,

I did found this post: https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/3304?page=1

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Get the trustfire...trust me on this one. I heard the SkyRay drop-in version 3800 was discontinued, however.

May want to research whether the 3800 has screw-in only now.

3 cell. gives you more options, anyway.

Heh heh...going to be a few days of reading. But it'll be a fun journey.

Short answer, the Sky Rays are a bit brighter but with the 818 models you might get some which don't pull > 2 amps.

Trustfire 3T6 might be a better option as i have the impression that you have a very very high chance in getting a working light, still plenty bright not to mention efficient. Seriously you are not going to be able to tell much of a diff between the both. You need a TK70/Jetbeam RRT-3 XM-L or DRY triple to do that.....

Our eyesight/vision are processing light intensity as logarithmic in nature, many factors affect the perception, and besides your eyes' pupils just shut down the extra light.

I haven't heard of one Trustfire 3T6 failure. On the other hand, I've heard of many Skyray 3800 failures. Based on that, I'd definitely get the Trustfire.

Go for the TrustFire 3t6.... if you cant find it, or is sold out, try the fandyfire 3t6....

Go with the 3-cell TR-3T6 without a doubt. Technically the 3800 is a hair brighter but you'd never see with the naked eye. The TR-3T6 is incredibly well built, has better heat sinking, is regulated, works in either 2 or 3 cell arrangement and even on a SINGLE 18650 cell (with a 25mm spacer), and so far doesn't have one reliability blemish on it's record.

I just got mine today and I am stoked for the evening to arrive so I can play with this badboy!


The 3 mode SkyRay 818 that Manafont currently is selling arrived the other day at my door as a 5 mode instead of 3 so if you don't want disco modes, might want to avoid this one until they get that figured out and fixed.

Thanks all, for all the info.

The best place to buy the Trustfire.


That’s only the two cell version. I’d only recommend the three cell version for a few more dollars.

But the specs say 3 cell even though they're showing the 2 cell version. I'd ask the seller what the deal is..

I'll ask the seller.

I know I have bought from this guy before and he is very good.

I'll have you guys the answer soon.

I had the SR 3800 rev0 and now have the SR 818 and TF 3xT6 2 cell version. They all draw about the same current from full batteries (2,85-2,90A) nad comparing tF and 818 I can't decide which one is brighter (also TF is green-ish while 818 is pale-ish). I had a lot of problems with 3800 rev0. I had to replace lens with a thicker one to make it water proof and I insulated the bottom of reflector to prevent short circuit (happened twice). The 818 was also not waterproof until I replaced tail and bezel seals. The TF however is good out of the bubble wrap. The only improvement I see is greasing dropin threads with ceramic paste. If you want ot make it bombproof then replace original lens and lens holder with a really thick lens (custom made I guess). One more thing. When TF dropin is screwed all the way in the reflector outer ring presses against the host. This means that screwing the bezel tight doesn't apply additional pressure to the leds (via reflector). Also while TF has better heat dissipation rev0 and 818 have better heat transfer (leds placed directly on host) and both get hot pretty fast.

To sum it up: get the 2* cell TF version.

*The last time I ws reading about the 3 cell version it was drawing "only" 2.5 amps from 2 cells

My skyray original version has survived untold abuse by my son, no problems yet. It does slip from low to high on its own every now and again.

Of course choose the TrustFire 3t6....

From the seller: It does not have extra tube extension. We checked with our warehouse department. They said that it can accept three 18650 batteries.

According to Manafont's website the 3 and 2 cell versions have different voltage ranges. 8.4 to 12.6 volts for the 3 cell, and 7.2 to 8.4 for the 2 cell. Plus there's a 1/2 amp difference between the 2. Different drivers?