Which better choice between this 3 - Trustfire F23, BlackCat and Tank 703


Sorry for my bad english=)

I want to make little present for my grandfather and grandmother. They will use only NiMH LSD. I have Trustfire F23 (I like this torch) but I cannot compare it with other interesting torches that DX has like


and Tank007 TK-703

I not sure about runtime and lumens, been pattern, and other from this two.. Which better between BlackCat and Tank ? Both has around 100 lumen.

What is your opinion for choice between this 3 torch (Trustfire F23, BlackCat and Tank007 703)

Thank you for every advice ;))

Hi ZooMer, welcome aboard! Enjoy your stay here.

I personally value long runtime over almost everything, so I would personally choose the Trustfire because it has a low mode. That being said, I have always admired the looks of both the Black Cat and the Tank007 TK-703, they are both extremely attractive lights. I get the impression that Tank007 has fairly consistent good quality. But I also would prefer an OSRAM emitter over a Cree Q3, so I would prefer the Black Cat over the Tank007. I also think that this item at Kaidomain also looks to be a good deal:


I just can't tell if it's a clicky or a twisty switch.

Hi ZooMer

Glad to have you here. I don't have the BlackCat but I have both the Tank007 and the Trustfire. Two things come to mind.

1) The Trustfire is easier to switch on and off for elderly fingers because the switch sticks out though if they have arthritis they might find a larger diameter torch easier to hold.

2) If it is going to be put in a pocket, get the Tank007 as its switch does not stick out which means it won't get switched on in a pocket.

The BlackCat is probably also a better bet if it is going to be put in a pocket though i don't know anything about it that isn't on the DX page about it.

Hello sb55637 and Don, thank you for yours welcoming and advices.

I think I will also order BlackCat and Tank for myself, but later=)

For sb55637:

There is no need for my Grandfather to have a torch that has such a long runtime, he needs a small bright torch for walking with my Grandmother at night (1.5 hours max) and for looking arround in the dark garage, but I also want to impress them with the new LED technology, because they only have old bulb torch=)) This is way I want them to have a AAA small and powerfull torch.

For Don:

Thanks for 2 things;) I'm happy that they doesn't have any problem with phalanges and an AAA size still ok for them. I think I'm going to buy BlackCat for them. Small size and same amount of light. Only one cons, cold color temperature from Osram LED (if compare Trustfire to Tank E07 wich I have too)

Again sorry for my not good english=)

Thank you

Well if the light is going to be used as a walking light for them and home use why not think about an AA light.....you will get longer runtime out of an AA then you would an AAA.

You mean on mid mode? I just cannot make a choice of something good on AA battery, I had UniqueFire S10, but I have given it to the friend because I didn't like it. Which model would you recommend?

Also I think when I will recieve BlackCat I will do some comparing review with beamshots about Trustfire and BlackCat ;)

Are you willing to get them a light that uses two cells or are you preferring a single celled light for them.

I'm preferring to the single celled light, the two cells light is too long to put in a poket





Those are just a couple......there small and compact to fit in a pocket.

Hey Al! Do you have the link for those cheap rubber flashlights you bought for your kids a while back? I searched all over DX and can't seem to find them. I want to get a few for my nephews and nieces Thanks bruddah! Smile



There ya go buddy......they will like it. And for the price you just cant beat it.

Unless you specifically want AAA lights, AA lights are a better bet. Among other things you get 3x the runtime. There are a lot more nice AA lights than AAA lights.

Don't worry about your English. We are having this discussion in my language, not yours - almost certainly I wouldn't be able to have it in your language unless it is Silozi or Scots. There are less than 100,000 people in the world speak Silozi (which I need to use a dictionary to understand), less than two million are fluent in Scots (I speak it every day but there are a lot of variations and there is no standardised spelling) and I sort of expect everyone to be able to speak English. I can buy cigarettes and bus tickets in Spanish and can usually (eventually) make myself understood in Afrikaans as it is quite similar to Scots as long as people speak very slowly.

Other languages, forget it.

Like the light that Don is reviewing now.....you should check it out.

Agreed, it is a very good light.

Thanks buddy! Smile

This stuff is fun to do

Yes it is......i need to start cracking on some reviews that i like to do. The P31 seems to be a great all around light by the looks of it.

Has anybody tried this one out?


The price is definitely right.

Also, how is dealing with Golden Gadgets? This will be my first order from them.

I can tell you they were prompt with my order.......and when i sent them an email or called i was able to actually chat with someone.

Were they quicker at getting your order out compared to DX? How soon after you ordered did you get it? Thanx.