Which brand do you think is most durable? Your life depends on it and so does your family.

My very first non maglight purchase was a fenix PD25UE. As far as durability goes i watched a YT review where he turned it on, submerged it in a glass of water which he then froze solid and to break the ice off he ran it over with his car. I was impressed

None of those things should cause damage to any light that’s at least 1m waterproof. What would matter is if can you drop it a few feet on to the floor and not have electronics pop right off the driver board.

That ice is soaking up all the energy and none is transferred to the components inside the light. I don’t actually know if Fenix uses potted electronics on their larger li-ion lights but I can’t say I’ve heard that they do.

Voting “Other Brand” - PFlexPro ’

Fenix & Zebra Light - Personally bounced them from heights exceeding stated tolerances and they’re still ticking.

Maybe a potted ArmyTek or Surefire, but don’t really feel qualified in terms of
Familiarity with an array of build quality.

Definitely believe in redundancy!! I normally carry 2 (and sometimes 3) EDC
lights on my person at all times.
The “New York Reload” of flashlights.

I have a few Jetbeams that have taken quite a beating. My Zebralights haven’t really been tested by me yet. They don’t have years of abuse on them yet. I usually carry a Zebralight on me and a Jetbeam in my go bag that stays in the car when I am out and about. I don’t really carry around AA or 16340 lights. Runtimes keep them resigned to light duty “I lost something under the couch” type lights. I have a few potted C8’s that gets mounted on rifles once in a while. They have been through hell and back. Still ticking. Not exactly factory lights though. I mean I guess they once were. Not much factory left in them now. So I guess weapon lights withstanding I would grab my Jet’s and ZL’s if I needed something dependable.

Keeps me safe in my travels :slight_smile:

Fenix and Surefire.


Makes sense. But it sure looked cool! lol :person_facepalming:

I found sloppy assembly work in all flashlights that I have opened, including Nitecore, Jetbeam, Lumintop, Jaxman, Fireflies and more that I forgot.

Most durable is the light that I have overhauled myself: checking all parts and connections, fixing present and possible future flaws, and doing a proper assembly. I trust those fixed Convoys, Jaxmans, Thorfires, Sofirns and some brandless budget lights better than any A-brand that I have not opened to check.

The light will still past those tests and I’ve heard good things about Fenix though, just that a lot of brands will too. Didn’t mean to seem like I’m ripping them if that’s how it came across.

Zebralight for sure

I love my armytek lights, use a wizard daily.

Another vote for redundancy. Stock H03 in the go bag with cr123as, Q8 in the trunk, D1S in the glovebox, modded H03 in my EDC backpack, D4 in my EDC laptop bag, D4 always clipped in my pocket, and a C01 on my keychain. I won’t be without light haha

Zebralight or pflexpro. But if I cared about that aspect enough, I'd build and pot it myself.

IMO, I’d say a modded 1x 7135+6x7135 SST-20 Convoy S2+ potted with dual BeCu springs and a simple mechanical switch, and a 3500mAh cell, with lubed high quality O-rings, ULCp AR lens, and smooth reflector.

You would be getting an efficient light in general, no standby drain, good usable throw, very low moonlight for efficiency, very good durability.

An EDC for light IMO if you were able to find a good buck-boost driver for a Convoy S2+.

Jetbeam. Not the brightest or fanciest but definitely durable

Make your home or at least one room a Faraday cage.

I am realizing now that posting this on a budget light forum, I am getting what I asked for.

Now that’s a suggestion I can get behind. If you’re going in, go the whole nine yards.

Hope you’re happy :stuck_out_tongue: