Which brand do you think is most durable? Your life depends on it and so does your family.

Zebralight or pflexpro. But if I cared about that aspect enough, I'd build and pot it myself.

IMO, I’d say a modded 1x 7135+6x7135 SST-20 Convoy S2+ potted with dual BeCu springs and a simple mechanical switch, and a 3500mAh cell, with lubed high quality O-rings, ULCp AR lens, and smooth reflector.

You would be getting an efficient light in general, no standby drain, good usable throw, very low moonlight for efficiency, very good durability.

An EDC for light IMO if you were able to find a good buck-boost driver for a Convoy S2+.

Jetbeam. Not the brightest or fanciest but definitely durable

Make your home or at least one room a Faraday cage.

I am realizing now that posting this on a budget light forum, I am getting what I asked for.

Now that’s a suggestion I can get behind. If you’re going in, go the whole nine yards.

Hope you’re happy :stuck_out_tongue:

uh, i usually have 20 or 30 other lights on deck or in the bullpen-at least at home
also in about 3 alternate locations - bedside, kitchen, downstairs

if in the car, 2 more

if on foot or bike, i have bike light, or bike light plus photon keychain light

one thing i might not do is depend on rechargeables that do not get used much
some of my car and home lights are either li primaries, or C cell, or AA, something like that

now you have to ask about b atteries — what batteries WOULD YOU TRUST YOUR LIFE TO
i have about 25 backups there too


i;d probably say thorfire, i don;t have $100 lights like zebralights
the thorfires are good for their price

also i have a wuben t70 26650 that seems pretty solid

just saying some cheap ones that i think will last



More parts and more electronics = more failures. If your life depends on light, it’s not a matter of brand but more a matter of diversity : don’t put all your eggs in the same basket.
Driver & LED, incandescent bulb, carbide lamp, kerosene lamp or oil lamp, candle, etc.

Fenix, I’ve had a Fenix PD35 has a daily carry at work for a few years now, been dropped more than a few times. Still going strong!

Myself and my family have never been in a life threatening situation that could be eliminated by having a torch. Like, has SOS mode ever saved anyone? On the occasion we go camping or have a blackout 1 light just won’t cut it. I’m not going to have a dozen surefires or elzettas on hand for that.


Also feel pretty good about BLF Q8. Straightforward and stout.

Voted “other”. Convoy or MagLite. Simple & reliable in my experience.

lol no not at all, don’t worry! I knew it was an impractical test… lol it was just cool to watch it crushed by a car in a block of ice…. this is a totally impractical test but because it looks cool it must be worth something! :smiling_imp:

lol anything to help justify yet another light purchase to the misses!

I’d go with Zebralight. I’ve never had one fail, and they’re solid with potted electronics.

I might also say Armytek, because they use massive amounts of metal. But although mine are fine, I’ve heard too many stories about them suddenly dying.

Though for reliability, I’d rather go with two budget lights than a single expensive light. The chances of both failing at the same time is a lot less than a single failure of an expensive brand.

lol you opened Pandora’s box!

I think most of us here will agree to one simple answer:

Write down every light suggested in this thread, buy them all and carry them all on you at once and you’ll never worry about durability EVER

PRIMARIES ARE THE ONLY CELLS I TRUST MY LIFE ON. CR123A CELLS for life critical applications only.

I do have a few dozen AAA Energizer Ultimate Lithium primaries for my Surefire Titan and Surefire Titan Plus. I run Eneloop pros in them now.

I can also replace the (2) Li-ion cells out of my Olight M3XS-UT (and use (3) or (4) CR123A cells in it.)

In my Olight S1 Baton, I can replace the Li-ion and use (1) CR123A cell in it.

In my Olight S2 Baton, I can replace the Li-ion and use (2) CR123A cells in it.

If there were less than optimal other charging solutions.

Only my Olight X7 and my Emisar D4 XPL-HI have me locked down to 18650 Li-ion cells. All other lights I own run solely on CR123A cells. Due to the fact they are WML’s or hand held tactical lights.

You can actually do the entire house for about a grand…….IF you are building new.

Believe it or not, use paper backed aluminum sheet that can be found in industrial supply houses. Put it between the gyproc and the studs. Down side, the cell phones are useless.

I never only have one high quality light on me so redundancy can be thrown out of this equation. I carry at least 3 Surefires on me when I am out, and sometimes the M3XS-UT depends on what I am doing. I am not looking for a single light to carry only one light. That is already a WML. And I carry others also a D4 and 2 more Surefires. If those 3 Surefires and the D4 all goes out, EMP hit.

I like carrying several more expensive reliable brands at once, less chance of them failing then two cheapo lights.
Ordering an Elzetta Charlie finally after I thin the Hinderer knife herd. Unused knives are worthless like unused lights or any other tools.