Which brand offer best dustproof on reflector?

I have got from few months fooloing lights:
Olight warrior X, Acebeam L16 and Nitecore P16TAC. I have used tham regulary rotating. Now I notice that Warrior X has some dust in reflector which was not there when I bouht it. With Acebeam situation is better. In Nitecore P16TAC there is no dust at all. I have had also Thrunite and they also have good dustproof.
According your experiance which flaslight brand offer best dustproof head on market?

Any waterproof flashlight, including your Olight, really shouldn’t get dust on the reflector unless you take it apart.

On theory yes. In reality no. Unfortunately can not make picture to show it.
Anyway, I will keep watching my lights and inform if situation go worst.