Which C8 to get and Where?

I’d like to pick up one of these up, so which one is the best [that’s if there are clones] if not, which would be a depenable site to get it.


Just pick your options and be happy. :bigsmile:

The best version and the best dealer to get it from is here. The XinTD C8 V3

light. I’m almost tempted to buy it in bulk. :open_mouth:

(Unfortunately I have enough C8-types for the time being to last me into the next century.)

You can also try out the lumapower clones at lesser price. http://www.ebay.com/itm/150908080122

These use the same reflectors and IMO better aesthetics (just look at that gold! :party: ). A bit bland is prolly the only reason I don’t have the xin since everyone else seems to like it.

$28 sounds a bit steep for me. Might have to pick a clone.
Are the clone specs very similar from what you’ve heard.

you appreciate what ya paid for and what ya actually got. You should get one so then ya can talk from direct real experience like the rest of us gullibles. :wink:

Ah yeah, now by that pic I can see that the lumapower size-wise definitely has a Cree Q5 (but does he want a real X-ml?). That’s a good deal actually. Except for the fake gold when I really expect to get real gold. :smiley:

It’s a smaller emitter so it’ll illuminate a smaller spot with about same or bit more intensity. More useful at a far distance.

NW tint option on the xin would be very nice though, not so ghastly white.

it’s amazing the difference on colors. The Xin is almost too nice to throw in a backpack. It’s one heckuva light.

Lumatic! what you said makes lots of sense about having a real one to compare to. Any other places maybe have it cheaper? and are also depenable? This might be asking to much?

Ya know let me just say this. I think if you’re starting out here it actually perhaps counter-intuitively makes more sense for you IMO to buy something a little more expensive like the Xin (and most definitely it’s higher quality) so that when you start expanding into the cheaper clones (and you will, lol) you have a great quality to price point of reference. Besides that, your experience most likely from the get-go with this particular purchase will be wonderful - and that’s important. You will then come to appreciate a real good quality and cheap clone by doing so because you will really know for yourself what makes it so.

I know it sounds like too much right now but I believe you will see this much clearer if you follow this advice. It’s helped me to figure out what’s complete crap and what’s not.

I’ve only seen it at intl outdoor, thing is, their reputable, ship fast and sort out issues and have a presence on the forum.

I’ve bought a few lights now, they probably easily total more than $29, in this case, it’s just buy once, buy right, move onto next flashlight need - multi emitter, true thrower, edc etc. In the meantime, the xintd has a good output, is jacket pocket size, can be fitted in a head strap to cover head lamp duty and won’t leave you unimpressed.

All you need is some good 18650’s and a good charger if you don’t already have them. Again, scour the forum for recommendations and don’t scrimp on some cheap “ebay deal”, this is a little hypocritical of me as I do get all my cells and chargers off eBay, just that they come from a member on here based in England, probably not worth it if your not based here.

I know that the Kaidomain (KD) C8 used to get a lot of attention. Im sure there are some that are a little cheaper also depends on what you want out of the light though.


This is probably the best “cheap” c8. It’s “black cat” brand which is an offshoot of Tank007; one of the better budget factories.

if you can spend about $20 you can get a keygo’s ke5 or a kaidomain c8. its on par with the xintd as far as brightness. the build quality on the xintd is better tho

Yep, I bought one of them and that's what started my flashaholism. Mine pulls 3A and floods my back yard pretty well. I got it on special for $16.99, but the regular price has come down a little I believe as it's only $19.86 now.


what about this site. which was mentioned on a different thread. Ok or not?


All the direct drive xml’s are “on par” in terms of brightness. The xin is mostly different in finish quality and they redesigned the internals a bit to be more robust. Plus NW and strobeless option. Dunno if mode memory actually works, which is probably the most consequential letdown of most of the cheapies.

The thing with eBay sellers is you have to find a good one, I still dabble, I have an overdriven c8 q5 and an underdriven uf-v3 compared with ones from tmart etc, ymmv. For me, I’m done with eBay pretty much, I can swap drivers, but if I’m doing that, I may as well just buy a host kit, the driver I want and the emitter I want in the bin I want and build the light I want.

For light purchases, I’ll be sticking to known good suppliers found on here.

If you want a c8 size light here’s another option:-


Item number :- 160735850479

I have this and love it, but it will be ending up with the same driver as the xintd, other wise, good light, acceptable tested cells and charger.

Good stuff!

I totally agree, even though I do not own the Xin, I have found your comments to be very true with my personal buying experience.