Which charger can charge the big IFR 32140 battery?

32mm diameter, 140mm length, looks big

Is there currently a 32700 32140 battery for a flashlight? thank you

Im not sure about a charger but what capacity are these? I charge 38120 with a power supply

I think only the more complex “hobby” chargers like R/C folks often use can handle these.

Give us a full featured multi-bay 26800 charger! :slight_smile: The effort that Xtar produced is a pretty simple single bay. Like the S4+ with longer bays that will still take shorter AAA and 16340 cells, do NiMH, etc. There’s a market for it and it doesn’t sound like Xtar wants to do it.

We will have a multi slot LCD charger that can charge multiple 26800 batteries. It is still in the research and development stage :smiley:

Excellent! :slight_smile:

You could always make up a set of “jumper cables”. And use a conventional charger.
I use clips on the charger end and magnets on the battery side.
Or make up some sort of cradle with some scraps and hot glue.
A low current charger will take a loooong time to fill up one of those.
One of the 3A chargers would be nice.
You would want to monitor the charge as it nears completion to be sure things end at an appropriate voltage.
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Trustfire TR-J20 takes 32650’s or 32700’s but in the 3.7v chemistry.

Did that with one of the dual bay 26650 sleds…slit it in the middle and mounted the halves on a block the correct distance apart…dummy cell with copper ends and soldered wires (both ends). The contacts on those sleds are easily removable, which is nice. Works very well although I’ve been more inclined to use the onboard charging in a couple lights as needed. Homebrew works fine, I guess the simplistic Xtar version is working fine for people, but it’d be nice to have a “real” smart charger with all the nice features that can handle another 10mm-15mm of cell length. Sounded like Xtar was going to do it and then…nope…and they don’t sound very jazzed about putting the effort into one unless they sell oodles of the simplistic one first. Vapcell to fill the void, perhaps. :slight_smile: Seems like MiBoxer is out of the game.

The Olight UC or Nitecore LC10 might do 140mm if you have lots of time :slight_smile: