Which Convoy models for me and my boys?

Glad you are enjoying it! I see it aging gracefully :+1:

JaredM, I just ordered up an Acebeam L19 since it was on sale. I read it here on this forum so I took advantage of the $47 off the price. I’m sure glad I found your site. Saved me a few dollars already. And I’ve been reading on this site that the Acebeam’s have really good build quality.

Thanks again for your recommendations, Dave……

Lol… What about the L7? It’ll make a useful baton… :smiley:

Other than the 3x21a and the Z1, I don’t think it’s offered in any other lights, the SFT40 I mean… that would be something I would be happy with in my son’s thrower. Looks like I’ll have to make do with something with the Osrams…

I’ll have a look at the M21B later… Thanks for sharing!

I made a pretty inconvenient typo with the ‘S21B’. I meant L21B. It’s currently not listed in Simon’s store because he ran out of emitters. You can find it elsewhere though where old stock still exists.

This is true! A legitimate reason to choose such a light. Should throw (light haha) much better than the 3x21A as well.

I’d honestly suggest the Wildtrail WT90 over all of these, hands down - no question.

My ideal minimalist list of LED dedicated throwers as of today… from large to small. Numbers rounded for cleanliness.

Wildtrail WT90 90.2 - 1Mcd - 6000lm - 110mm

Convoy L21B SFT40 - 400kcd - 2500lm - 60mm

Brinyte B158B HHL532 - 325kcd - 500lm? –55mm
Or in case you hate zoomies and don’t want any in your collection…
Convoy C8+ NM1 - 200kcd - 900lm - 45mm

Convoy M2 NM1 - 100kcd - 900lm - 32mm

Smaller lights can obviously be optimized for throw, but I personally set cut off at 100kcd. Additionally, anything smaller is 99% of the time going to be edc capable and that requires hiCRI for me.

Or wait for the new sbt90.2 light from Convoy, 81mm head and 26800 battery :cowboy_hat_face:

Ahhhhww hell :person_facepalming:

This is actually awesome. On the cusp of underpowered (single 26800) for a 90.2 and that much heft, but fills the L21B and WT90 gap very nicely. Without my lookup table handy I’d spitball throw at 600kcd

The Wildtrail looked like a monster! Lol… Is that even street legal? Lol…

Now the 3x21a with SBT90.2 is calling me… Haha… Especially now that it comes in a package with batteries too.

I think I’ll settle for the S21a with XHP50.2 and Osram emitters for my boys, it will do for now I suppose.

As for myself… It’s the 3x21a with SFT40 or the SBT90.2 probably… Am I right to say the SBT90.2 will throw further but runs hotter than the triple SFT40? Perceivable brightness should be similar?


There is a review of the SFT 40:

SBT90.2: 5400 lm, 1112 metres, 5700 K, 17.8 A
SFT 40: 5400 lm, 1029 metres, 6500 K, 20.5 A (not given for 3X21A, but for L7)

90.2 will be warmer and slightly more throw. Will also have a more neutral tint. I do not have a 3X21A but I have an L7 and am happy with the tint in that. The SFT 40 should have more flood being a triple reflector, but there were concerns with the beam pattern mentioned in the review.

All comes down to personal choice.

Hi Camaro, I’ve read the review as well as others that pop up from Google search. There’s several YouTube videos too.

There’s one in particular which compares the 3x21a SST40, SFT40 and the 4x18a SBT90.2(the 3x21a version wasn’t out then). 【收割评测】毛裤convoy 3x21a sst40 6800流明 VS sft40 5400流明 vs sbt90.2 航拍夜射全方位展现 - YouTube

What I got out of that video is that the SFT40 seems to be a good compromise/balance between throw/flood. Also, the reviewer commented it heats up slowest among the few models he tested.

Probably a better option if I were to use it for walks, with the better spread of the light but still gives a good enough throw.

Thought I give an update… Didn’t get a Convoy till now… The 3x21a was OOS for a while…

Ended up getting a Sofirn Q8 Pro instead… Bright as hell(for my walks) and the hole which allows to screw on to my tripod was useful.

Improvised and tied a lanyard since there’s no means for attaching a standard one.

Doesn’t throw well… So it’s not perfect… But there’s no perfect light I suppose… that’s how we keep this hobby going… Lol

“Or wait for the new sbt90.2 light from Convoy, 81mm head and 26800 battery Steve”

Out of curiosity, was this new Convoy ever released, and if so, what’s the model name?


ps-I’m surprised the L7 doesn’t get more love.

Liveinthelight, note that you are also in Singapore. (Is there any like-minded group of “Flashcoholics” in this Little Red Dot?)

I just got a Convoy 3x21a with 90.2 emitter. Bought it on Alibaba.com (the seller is : Dongguan Kangwoyi Electric Co). The price : US$63.20 + Shipping and processing fees of US$10.13. Ordered on 7 October, got it on 16 Oct. Good reliable tracking.

Hi, I tried joining 1-2 groups on Facebook, but they are not very active…

Among the general public, I think we’re still a minority… Lol… I was sharing with my colleagues during our regular Zoom meeting session abt my new light… They just gave me a look of disbelieve… Lol

After using the Q8 Pro for the last 2 weeks, 3 walks… I’ve to say it’s not exactly what I’m after… The 11000 lumens is really bright but it’s not exactly mind blowingly more than the 3000 lumens ones I’m having. And it gets hot really fast on turbo… And steps down quickly too.
It’s probably good as a camping light, where I don’t need to go at turbo all the time plus the tripod mount is useful to have it off my hands and pointing at places when I need to do stuff.

I was just out with my boys, night walk and shining at the large drain and spotted a stingray… naturally turn it on turbo to get a better look but as the water is murky, even at turbo, it doesn’t really work well… My eldest with a Klarus 3200 lumens flooder fair equally as bad… In the end, it was my younger 10yr old boy who was using the old Trunite Catapult V6 that saved the day… Lol…

Not exactly disappointed, since I knew what I was getting, but looks like I’ll be back getting a Convoy SBT90.2 or SFT40 3x21a as well…

There’s no end to this hobby huh… Lol…

Your post is the only mention of this flashlight on google, although the emitter shows up. Which flashlight were you referring to here, if you remember?

Hmm. I don’t know why search results are limited.

Here is just one thread on BLF from searching ‘b158b’ : Lightweight aspheric thrower

Searching the same on AE should yield a bunch of clones such as https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000332881348.html

Oh, the y was supposed to be an i, or vice-versa. I knew that name was familiar. Tyvm!

Whoops. My bad. I wonder how many times I’ve done that. Will fix the post