Which Convoy with diffuser to choose to be used as a lantern

I want to buy budget flashlight which I can use with diffuser as a small lantern.
So I think Convoy flashlights are OK for this.
Importance for me is tube to be long enough to fit protected battery.
As a diffuser there is one for Convoy S series and M1.
I think Convoy M1 is better because it has better heat dissipation and I can use with 6 x 7135.
I am not sure weather protected battery will fit without spring to be thigh to the end.
From the other hand S series are cheaper and they can be use with 4 x 7135 which is also enough.
Problem there is that S2+ are not long enough for protected cell. S8 is OK with protected battery but can not stand as candle easy.
If there is another option please write. Other important for me is to be NW. I saw this JAXman with Nichia 219B but it is only 300 lumens and I thing it get hot.
Initially I was looking for Lanter with 2, 3 or 4 X AA battery but they are not power enough and most do not offer NW tint.

Convoy M1 link:


Convoy S2+ link:

The Convoy S2+ heats up quite quickly, so is not recommended for lantern use on anything above around 40-50% mode. The new firmware has low voltage protection, so is suitable for unprotected cells. There is a link to a review of the diffuser in my signature.

The BLF Q8 combined with Fenix AOD-L diffuser may be a good lantern option.

300 lumens is insanely bright for a camp lantern. This is the Fenix CL25R on 50 lumen medium mode.

Can the Fenix AOD-L or S , diffuser fit an s2+ ?

” The Fenix diffuser AOD-S diffuser fits torches with a head diameter of 21.5 to 25.4 mm. ”

Thanks !…

Not sure that there is really a problem with protected cells in the Convoy S2. I have a few protected cells that are probably double wrapped, they barely fit in my Fenix UC32 (due to width) but have no issues in the S2 (width or length).

Your mileage may vary but the cells I’m referring to are “Efest Protected 18650 3400mAh with Panasonic NCR18650B Li-ion Cell - with PCB”.

I found a cheap lantern - 3000K, 150 lumens, 3 x AAA for 7$ here:
but prefer to combine flashlight and lantern.
I am also interested in Convoy S8 which seems to have little bit longer tube than S2+. Also hi has better design and in more pocket friendly than Convoy M1.

I have four S2+ and my single wrapped protected GAs do not fit in one of them (too fat at 18.65mm).
There seems to be some inconsistency in bored tube width in the S2+.

You’ve piqued my interest I’ll try these fat batteries in all of my S2’s and S2+’s just for grins and see what I get. I had to take the Efest logo stickers off of them just to get them to fit in my Fenix and now that I think of it the Zebralight is even tighter. I have to “clock” the battery (turn it a certain way) to get it into without forcing it.

Tried my oversized Efest/Panasonics in all of my S2 & S2+ lights. No issues with any of the S2+ lights (3 grey, 1 blk, 1 red, 1 blue & 1 grn). Then I tried my UV S2, it was very tight. So tight that I had to remove the head and push the cell back out. No issue with the length of the protected cells in any of those 8 lights.


Thanks for the info.
My favorite us S8.
It has deep reflector,“tactical” look,thight clips and little bit more mass in head.
Are S8 tube is longer then S2+?