Which driver?

Can someone tell me what Driver this is?

Why there is 2 positive out?

What is the CS+

I think it's a 3 mode can improve it at the moment it's driven at 1amp

my take on it from a quick look: one of those chips is a small fet, one of those chips is the mode chip. that line of resisters limits the current, there are two OUT+ because one is before the R bank, and the other one is after (aka if you want to bump up current, swapping the led+ wire from one to the other might do it, I think the one you want is the one on the right)

CX-162 seems to pull up results in google, but I don’t have time to check

no clue about the CS+

I might be completely wrong though, so I would get a second opinion.

Looks like one output is after bank of resistors. This would be to reduce output. What does the hole next to vs connect to on the other side of the board?

musicmagic I will try and connect it to the Right out+ and see if the output goes up.

eebowler the hole connects to nothing on the other side of the board.

Thank you guys.

Are you absolutely sure it’s got modes?

Yes Hi Low strobe

Yes it works now it's running at High 2.06amp and Low 0.41amps using a Samsung led.