Which FastTech holster for C8/C12?

It’s difficult to tell which one might work.

I'd like to know, too.

FWIW, I just got this one. It does not fit C8 nor C12, the flap doesn't reach far enough to close.


i have several of these from FT, which work with my C8s. Not sure about C12s:


My review is on that product…

The flap for this one isn’t long enough but I sewed a small extension to the end of the flap. Now it works for the C8 as well and my Convoy M1 and Shiningbeam Blaze (although the extension sticks out).

A Rayovac 2AA indestructible also fits in the holster as it comes from Fasttech.


Interesting, in the discussion titled ‘C8’ FT staff member ‘Geek’ says “The ‘C8’ sized flashlights won’t fit.”


Well, I think he’s confused :). I just checked and indeed C8 works with the ones that I got from FT. You have to kind of shove the C8 into the holster a little (not hard), because of the largish head, but once you do that and get the tailcap most of the way down into the holster, the flap is no problem.

FYI, since you made me look :), I also tried one of my C12s in the same holster, and it fits ok also. I’ll try to post some pics later tonight if I remember, just to clear things up and to show that I’m not imagining things :)…

I have three of these and they work well!


I have this for my c8 and i like very much:


I bought a couple of these about a year ago at I-O and they are perfect: http://intl-outdoor.com/c8-flashlight-holster-p-258.html

+1. That’s what I bought the same time as the XinTD C8.

For you non-believers, from FT:

and, luckily, I didn’t remove the FT tag:


SKU: 1265000

Thanks Ohaya, and you said the C12 fits too? Very nice…like you said in your review, wish it came in black. I really appreciate you taking the time to shoot pics, thanks again!

Thanks. Sellers should photograph holsters with common sized flashlights in them.

Anyone know of a holster that will hold the DST?

Yes, it fit my C12. I have two, one from LM and one from KD, but at this point, I don’t know which is which, or which one I tried. Sorry about that, but I expect both would be about the same?

Thanks Ohaya, gonna get one on order!

Those look cool and you gotta love the pouch for an extra battery, thanks!