Which flashlight do I buy? (list of requirements)

Hello my dear “flashaholics”,

I come back to you in need of wisdom to find my next new flashlight. I must tell you in advance that I am looking for something very specific, something I could not find in the market yet after several months of (light) search.

It will be used mainly for work and needs to have a minimum range of 50 m but sometimes I will use it in enclosed environments, indoor.
I prime throw over flood but after using the Nitecore MH20 and Emisar D1 I discovered that they both are too throwers when used indoors, inside a building for instance.

I like the Rofis MR30 and it covers all my needs but one: the on/off switch is impossible to find if you are wearing working gloves.

Making a long story short…:

+ Size no larger than 12cm (4.7 inches). Bigger than that does not feel comfortable as an EDC.

  • Beam throw (25000 - 30000 cd) but with some flood as well.
  • A switch-button big enough to activate it easily while wearing gloves. It could be placed in the tail or on the side.
  • I would appreciate an integrated charger but this requirement would not be a deal breaker.
  • 18650 or 21700 battery.

What do you think? Any model come to your mind?

Thank you very much guys.

Klarus xt11s

Thank you Anthon,

I sold the Klarus xt11s recently. It is almost 14 cm (13.9 cm) and it was always in the way when getting in or out of the car. I find it a bit too big to have it clipped on the belt.
Besides that, totally recommended as it makes a very good tactical flashlight.


If you dont mind the bigger battery (26650) and a little added weight I suggest you Thrunite TC20, its lenght is 119mm. When you buy it, it comes with a belt holder.

EDIT: It has 25580cd and has long runtimes.

1 match: Klarus MH20GT. You didn’t like it, I can’t help…