Which flashlight(s) do you keep in your car?

Which flashlight or lights do you keep in your car?

I keep an old Akoray and a couple Energizer lithiums in my glove compartment. Haven’t needed anything more than that and has worked out okay so far. This is in addition to the light that I normally carry with me.

I was curious what everyone else uses.

A Quark Mini 123 S2 edition, a 10 watt floodlight with Nichia 219’s, a crappy Harbor Freight headlamp, and a Jin Heng 12A flashlight/USB charger mod’d to 3A and XML2/T6/3C on copper.

Another Quark Mini in my pocket, an eGear pico light on the keychain, a KeyLight LED light built into the house key.

A modded no name zooming 2x18650.


And a single 18650 small sun.

I don’t have any lights stored in the car but I have a Fenix E15 w/219 on my car keys so it’s basically in the car when I am. :slight_smile:
There is a spare CR123 in a delrin holder in the glove box as well.

In tropical country gloves compartment can get really hot during day so it is good to avoid store light with battery inside especially alkaline. there is one fellow said his customer light was blown thru the reflector due to the heat.

I think in cooler country it won’t be a problem…

maglite for a night stick/light and Convoy C8 for an actual light :smiley:

For 3, sometimes 4 months out of the year it’s not at all uncommon for temps in the car to run between 150º and 170ºF for a minimum several hours a day. I’d be afraid to leave a light in there, or much of anything I don’t want cooked.

I keep a eagletac D25A2 xpg2 and my selfbuilt C8 3 amp xml 5c1 tint

I have a c8 style lamp with 3AAA lithium primaries in the trunk…
And often a smaller lamp underneath the radio: saber1A, sk68,or a AAA lamp tank,redi3 depends on my mood…
The 3T6 fits my cup holder so if I plan on light something up I take it with me.

But iam a bit afraid of having lionrechargables in the car as it gets really hot in there…

I don’t keep anything in the car, but my TF R5-A4 goes everywhere with me and I put it in the door handle while I’m driving.

I have a 501B XM-L in the truck and a cheap SltraFire champagne coloured XM-L zoomie in the car. And that’s not a typo by me; it actually says SltraFire right on the light :smiley:

It doesn’t get so hot here (nor very dark in the summer!), but we carry those cheap Energizer ‘super-tough-rubber-covered-whatever-they’re-called’ 2xAA flashlights from Home Depot, with Lithium primaries and four spare batteries in each vehicle.

The greatest risk here is problems in winter on roads with little or no traffic. We keep the cheaper (but reliable) lights because they too often get loaned and not returned. Besides, we always have a Convoy S3 or something similar in a coat pocket and a 1xAA somewhere else. (I’m pleased that my wife is becoming as bad as me for carrying things like flashlights and Leatherman tools at all times! :slight_smile: )

Tumbleweed48, those would be Energizer Hardcase lights (looks like XR-E emitter). On clearance at my local HD. Was considering getting one or two, if they were mod-able. Anyone ever tried?

I see I’m not the only one that carries a light daily. Not really a need to have a light in the car as I have 3 on my person with 2 spare cells. I carry 2 MBI HF lights on my keychain, one in Ti with a T5 emitter and the other in Cu with a Nichia 219. Around my neck, always, is my custom Photon Fanatic Ti Texas Poker with it’s 5000K Nichia 219.

Ya just never know when you’re gonna need some light! :slight_smile: And when you’ve got it handy, it’s surprising how many times the light is used in broad daylight…finding something under the seat, retrieving that toy that rolled under the couch, shedding some light on that row of items at Home Depot that is shaded on the top row such that you can’t see the labels, it’s always something.

crelant v21a


I normally just keep a sk68 clone (3 mode) in each car.

However, when we’re going on a road trip I usually throw my Caveman in the glove compartment too. Just in case.

Bronte Ra20 with 2xaa Nice Lithium and
Nitecore MT1A 1xaa Nice Lithium.

I had a thrunite ti and a 501B r2 xre

The Ti just got left in there accidentally

Since it's getting hot I pulled them both just yesterday to charge batteries .

Why do you want to know ??

Are you planning on breaking into my car ? :P

and the Maglite is not meant to be used as a flashlight...

Costco TechLite loaded with AAA eneloops.


These are on sale now, and may be discontinued. I don’t know if they will come back as a revised product.