Which flashlights provide great value for the money?

Hello everyone. I am a person who wants the best bang for my buck/value for the money that I can get. It does not have to be expensive or even the latest technology. What flashlights from any battery size do you consider to be a great value? I am looking for those diamonds in the rough, that $4 light you thought would be a POS, yet it turned out to be a jewel. Those $20 lights that outperform an $80 light. What do you consider to be a must have for the flashoholic? :)

The Sipik SK68 at 8usd has to be one the best value.

The 68 and the 78 I carried for months at work and they both still work very good deal if you can get real ones.



Is this the light you are talking about?

Those $4 lights are always going to be second or third rate - by now 4th rate .

You want to spend at least $10 ...

You want serious value for money = Solarforce L2 host + a XM-L drop in of your choice for around $15 , for under $30 you get the latest and greatest in a package that should offer good service for quite some time .

For around $20 now you can enter the XM-L world by buying a package from Manafont , DX , KD or some such ..

For around $15 you can buy a decent XR-E equipped light ...

Starting around $10 a EDC powered by AA 14500 or 16340

Start window shopping @ Manafont.com / Dealextreme.com / Kaidomain.com / Lightake.com and all the rest and when you see something you like ?

Post a link to it , and ask folks who own one to comment on it .

I own these lights:

Solarforce L2p host with 5 mode XM-L

Ultrafire 504B with 3 mode XM-L

Ultrafire U20

Quark 123X2

4Sevens Preon 2

Fenix LD01

I got the Quark, Preon 2, and Fenix from my CPF days....bought them used. I am starting to enjoy this hobby but want value for money for a tool that I need....moreso than to collect. :) Shoot everyone needs a hobby. :)

You have to have a Sipik sk68 running off of a 14500.

Get an $8 Sky Ray or Ultrafire 504B, then add a nice 3-mode M/F dropin for $13-16.

Bet bang for the buck you can get, IMO.

He already has that but i do agree.

If you don't mind a 1 mode AA light, give the Ultrafire C3 SS a try. Very nicely built. You can use Alkaline, NIMH or 14500 battery . I would recommend using alkaline or nihm , just because with a 14500 its not a whole lot brighter and runtime will be poor. For $ 10.75 at tmart.com it is a steal.

KD C8 xml is great value for money imo.

Agreed! That or an F15 are excellent lights at any price and you have to have at least one larger reflectored light. They are much better than regular p60 sized lights in output and in feel, IMHO…just not as easily pocketed but then who stuffs a 504/L2 in their pants pocket anyway?

Which version of the F15 flashlight? The XML or P7? What about the UF 980L? Just curious :)

I have to agree with the KDC8 recommendation, that light is the bargain of the century, nothing else puts out that amount of light for $25 bucks. I just bought my second one and it is even better than the first it has a brass pill now instead of aluminum, so it gets improvements over time unlike most lights that get cheapened. This light puts out a flood beam like nobodys business and the price is unbelievable, a must have bargain classic.

OP reflector version


Smooth reflector


I am still learning here, how does the KDC8compare in brightness to my UF 504B with MF 3 mode XM-L drop-in? If one more flood than the other, which is brighter?

As bright if not brighter but with a much bigger hot spot and more flood do to the bigger reflector. It just plain puts out a lot more light.

The C8 can run on high forever because of a much better designed pill and greater mass so heat management is much better.

Well I have a fixed amount that I give myself to play each month. My wife is into needle work, me it is lights and knives for now. Alright, before I pull the trigger on the KDC8, how does it compare to the Trustfire F15 P7?


I do not see the XML version any longer.

When you ask people whats the best value, you might also want to specify more what features, or aspects you're interested in. There are so many different types of lights that people will think one attribute is good, but other person isn't interested in that.

Some value a very powerful and bright light, others value run time, or modes. Some are into all types of batteries, while some of us only are interested in standard AA or AAA batteries, double or single battery only. Some people want a light weight light for carrying, while others like the feel of a heavier more solid light.

I think my Ultrafire WF-606a is a really nice light. So is my Trustfire F20. My ebay powerlight are also good value. They're all so very different and range from $2 to almost $20. Those are just my fav flashlights.. then there's the excellent lantern and headlamps I've enjoyed.

Well I just pulled the trigger on the KD C8 18650 light. I wonder how long it will take to get here? It is my first KD purchase. :) That was my play money for the month, so it is all good. :)

Uniquefire AA-S1.

Just get one...