Which heatplate/hot plate would be the best for reflowing LED/PCB components

So, another post from me.

Since I ordered some LH351Ds and Bs, I wanted to have something to reflow other than a hot air gun or my soldering iron.

So, other than cost, which of these DIY options would be the best?

This one from Lexel from one of the threads:

Or this one as a regular hot plate:


Thanks in advance for the answers.

I use my kitchen's induction stove, an old pan and an infrared thermometer to gauge the pan's surface temperature. I find it relatively easy to attain and keep ≈200+°C over the pan. The overall high thermal inertia of the setup helps with temperature ramping up and down, avoiding undue stress on the components.

I just don't see how the solder pot is going to be of service for this purpose, with such a narrow and deep cavity.

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So, a hot plate would be my best bet?

Thanks Barkuti.

Would something like an electric skillet be appropriate, like what Adventure Sport Flashlight does?

It’s about 30cm wide, or about 12 inches. Would it be big enough? Or would a 40cm/16 inch skillet be better?

Thanks again.

BlueSwordM, now that I think of it if you can set and fix a very small metal pan or sheet of some sort over the solder pot it may work nicely. With the added thermal resistance you'll attach the desired plate temperature with a higher setting on the pot's thermostat, thus use an infrared thermometer or a temperature probe over the plate to gauge the temp; quite important this is, imho.


An adjustable electric skillet is a good idea, just get one flat enough to work comfortably.

With regards to size, the old flat pan I use is not even a feet in diameter and I don't complain. :-)

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I just use the way old lumens shows on YouTube. Take a cigarette lighter about a inch below the mcpcb and in about 10 seconds it’s done I open a pair of pliers slightly put the mcpcb on top of it on one side and rest it on a object. Put a lighter to it and it’s done.

Good information here! Thanks for bringing up the question, and to all that answered :)


I use a clothes iron with good results!

Wouldn’t that be more dangerous than other methods though with a clothing iron?

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BlueSwordM, since I use the Advanced Post Editor when I select, copy and paste user names from the left side they come out this way.

I wouldn't use the cigarette lighter method or any other uncontrolled temperature way. Leds can be easily damaged (and/or killed) with excessive temperature.

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