Which host for this drop-in:Manafont Ultrafire Cree T6 3-Mode Memory 4.2V

Below is the drop in and link to it, But id like to know which of my P60 style lights would you put this module in? I dont have the UF 504B or the KD C8 here yet, But they will arrive when the drop-in does.

I feel pretty confident the M20s is thermally much better designed to take the heat this light will put out. But i also dont want to take a perfectly good and bright module out for a small gain in lumen's. By the specs it looks like the UF 504B would benefit the most with an upgrade. With the great reviews ive read on the drop-in i may have to order a second one as i feel the 504B and M20s both would benefit from this item.

Also does anyone prefer a OP reflector with this one or should i just stay with the smooth one for better throw?

One last question, Do these Solarforce copies at DX have as good of quality as a real Solarforce? I have an L2r which is top notch quality even compared to the $100 M20s. Soon im gonna pick up a 8.4v XM-L so i can run 2x 14500's in it. You cant beat the price of these UF clones for $15 with a drop-in installed, Even tho it may not be the brightest.

Ultrafire Cree T6 3-Mode Memory LED Drop-in Module (4.2V max)



UltraFire 504B HA-III Cree R2-WC 5-Mode 220-Lumen LED Flashlight (1*18650)



KD C8 CREE XML T6 1000 Lumen 5-Mode LED Flashlight (1*18650)



Olight M20S R5 Warrior (270 lumen's)



+1 on the skyray. Have a look at solarforce website. Not the cheapest host but good quality. http://www.solarforce-sales.com/

Ive already purchased items from http://www.solarforce-sales.com/ as thats where my L2r came from. Maybe i should look at bare hosts again.

I was guessing the C8 was a P60 host light, Maybe its good its not considering what it takes to get a P60 host to a true 1000 lumen. I really like the 504B and was gonna order one from SolarForce until i saw it for $15, I dont mind paying $7 more for a drop-in installed as i need a few spare on hand.

I need to sit down one day and just try and look at Every flashlight and battery related items DX and MF and KD list as im constantly hearing about items they carry i never knew of.

I suppose for now it may go into the 504B, But Be-Seen Triker wont the 1.5amp tail cap be an issue on a 3amp drop-in? Do i need to buy a new one, And suggestions?

Indeed, it is worth it to spend a couple of dollars more at Solarforce hosts. Their hosts are really top-notch and extremely good value for the money. The latest L2T is really worth it, it feels and looks better in person that in the pictures. Some people don't like it, but i understand because the pictures do not do the real product justice. The feel is absolutely fantastic, definitely much better than your L2r. (I have the L2i and every model of the L2)

The only thing is, you gotta spend $2 per order for registered mail. So try to buy all you want in 1 or 2 orders. If you purchased bit by bit, like me in 8 orders, that's already usd16 lost. LOL!

Hmmm, This is a quandary now.

Id hate to have the tail switch melt down and fuse together as thats what i would imagine would happen if you put too many amps threw it?

I do have a replacement tailcap from my Olight M20 as i put a tail stand cap on it and have the original as a spare. Its an 18650 single cell light, But at 270 actual lumens i doubt it will handle more than 1.5 amps the R5 led is rated for in it.

Well im talking about making that 1.5amp switch and making it run 3 amps, But i know this Olight spare i have should be high quality.

But it sounds like a test and try thing and see how it holds up and the worst is that it just stops working, Or erratic. Seeing the 504B was $15 with a drop-in included i don't want to invest much into it unless needed. But its such a nice looking host it deserves a better drop-in than 220 lumen's tho.

Plus since its a Solarforce clone id think their tailcaps would work easily also. And Lighthound carries those so i wont have to wait for one from China. Being impatient always costs me more money.

With that drop-in I'd go with the WF-501A host from Manafont. Excellent quality host and at under $6 you can't go wrong. Screaming little pocket rocket that I can't imagine you not loving. ;)


I have qite a few P60 hosts and the one i'm most impressed with is the TrustFire TE-R2 LED 5-Mode Memory LED.


It's a heavy host really well built with what appears as excellent heatsinking. It's my favourite torch paired with the Manafont 3 mode T6 dropin.

The Trustfire TE-R2 isn't a P60 host ??? Although it will accept the pill from most standard P60 drop-ins. However, Ultrafire drop-ins sometimes have non-standard threads. Are you saying, Rolz, that you can confirm that this manafont ultrafire drop-in linked to by the OP definitely fits the TE-R2?

Mine does..BTW it's a TF-R2 (MF misread the label).

Only proviso I found was that it's much easier to screw the pill in from the back of the head. As Rolz wrote, heatsinking is excellent..the cooling fins area warms nicely after a few minutes on high (with an XM-L). The deep smooth reflector produces a nice tight hot spot and even spill.

There's a review and discussion of the light here https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/1094

As Tas62 explains, the pill does fit. I'm very pleased with the combination of the manafont 3 mode dropin pill and the Trustfire TF-R2.

Cheers chaps. I wonder if either of you can tell me anything about the pill that you removed from the TR-R2. How well is the R2 driven? Its just that my 501A host is empty at the moment and I was thinking of killing two birds with one stone. That is to say swap the XM-L pill from the manafont drop-in into a TR-R2 and the R2 pill from the TR-R2 into the redundant manafont P60 reflector for use in my 501A.

PS - Was aware of the Manafont misspelling but find it rather useful. The name Trustfire TR-R2 is also used for a standard P60 host and any search you ever do brings that one up. Using TE-R2 helps point instantly to the true TR-R2 at Manafont so everyone knows which you are talking about.

I don’t own a TR-R2 but from looking at the pics I’d say that you can use a P60 pill in the TR but can’t use the TR pill in a P60 light - at least not easily. The P60 pill works in the TR because the threading matches and it screws in. The TR pill though is longer and completely threaded and does not have the Negative contact spring groove cut in it for the spring which the P60 host will need. I think the length of the TR pill, while longer than the P60, would still work in the 501A host but you will likely have issues fitting the large outer spring to it.

I'm certain another member that owns both will confirm or say otherwise. I'd just put that Manafont XM-L in the 501A along with ample heatsink additions (aluminum foil and thermal grease) and have one of the most fun lights you can own. ;)

Yep. May just buy two drop-ins. One for the TR-R2 and one for the 501A. I really like the look of the TR-R2 and don't currently have a brown colored light either....lol I had an XP-G R5 drop-in in the 501A at one point and that was bright enough but as folks say why settle for enough light when you can have way too much......

I can confirm that the pill from the TF-R2 does not fit in a P60 host. I've put the old pill aside, but may in time upgrade it to a XM-L, but no real need at this time as I find the Manafont T6 pill works really well.