Which LED for the most throw in FW1A?

So on Neal’s site, they offer the following for the FW1A:
Cree XP-L HD
Cree XP-L HI
Luminus SST20

Found what I was looking for… I guess my google skills were lacking the first go-round!

Looks like HI has more throw than the other options.

If you mod it by shaving the dome on the sst-20 I believe that will significantly out-throw the xpl-hi.

I thought the SST20 outthrows the XPL HI but has a greenish tint. That seems to be the case on other lights.

Interesting… I may have to look into this.

ive got a xhp50.2 in mine
it is bright as hell! and throws as far as i need

Didn’t want to start new thread for this but please tell me if I should.

In the quest for my perfect pocket thrower, I want to put an Osram W1 in the FW1A (with SMO reflector).

Short of commissioning Vinh, does anyone know which driver would be best for this taking into account Andruil, the host size, host switch and the emitter’s optimum voltage.

Any help would be appreciated (:

The FW1A driver is fine for a W1. You’d want a no-FET or reduced-FET firmware, or use a low drain battery. Or just don’t use turbo.

W1 will die with stock driver. I tried one in this mod

You can also change the optic to get even more throw.
Here is a good comparison of them

Thanks treellama.

How do I change the FW1A driver to reduced/no-FET. Is it a case of flashing the firmware?

You’d need to flash the firmware, yeah.

Thanks treellama. I’ll do the research and get one step further in this planning.

Last firmware I flashed was Android modded firmware back in the day when phones needed a bit of moding to make them better.