Which light next?

I have the following lights, and am debating what to get next:

- Skilhunt H03 (covers headlamp/floody)

- Nitecore NU25 (covers ultralight headlamp for backpacking)

- Sofirn C8A (XP-L2 18650 throwy light. Not as throwy as an XP-L HI but I figured it would be more practical)

- Sofirn SF14 (14500 XP-G2 light)

  • Nitecore LA10 (lantern, though I’ll probably sell this)

What would you go with next?

I don’t have a high CRI light, so was thinking about maybe an 18650 x 1 CRI side-switch style light. Maybe even something rechargeable. Also don’t have anything with an XHP35/50/70, though I’m not sure if they are worth it.

No interest in keychain or AAA since I don’t like the weight in my pocket. Also no need for bigger multi-cell lights.

D4S SST-20 4000K w26650 cell!

But that’s a little big to carry for EDC. If you want something smaller:

Emisar D4 SST-20 4000K 95 CRI with Sony VTC6 18650 cell! :innocent:

Doesn’t come with built-in charging though.

Yeah that works too, better for EDC and doesn’t introduce yet another size cell.

Or buy the ZL sc63w Gunga is selling for I think 50 bucks. Not Hi CRI but nice light and nice tint (mine anyhow) and good EDC. Or the sc64c he is selling is Hi CRI.

Get both the C8A (brighter) and C8T (throwier), sez me.

And the C8F, so you’ll have a full set. :laughing:

The Sofirns are so affordable it’s almost hard to say no. I found a good thread that compared the C8T and C8A and went with the “A” because the throw didn’t seem THAT much different but the A model had more lumens and seemed to light up a bigger area.

I think you meant to tell me to buy the C8F :slight_smile:

With that said, if I did go with an XP-L HI, I was somewhat leaning towards the GT Mini because I like the side switch on it. It’s around twice the price of the Sofirn, though.

I think I got all the C8Fs at this point. Original that’d cook itself if allowed to, its replacement that didn’t, the first sideswitch version, the 21700 version… dunno if I forgot any.

@nquinn, I would recommend the Emisar D1S, or the GT Mini.

Both are great lights, with about the same throw, but the D1S is slightly brighter and smaller. The difference is minimal, and I personally prefer NarsilM over RampingIOS.

Ooh, ooh. Get an MH20. About fitty bux now with coupon. 2-level switch, direct-to-moonlight, direct-to-turbo, right from off, mode memory, switch beacon, battery-voltage blinkout, usb charging, hella bright, lotta niceties, and barely bigger’n the 18650 you stick in it. I’ve EDCed a buncha lights, all 18650 except for my i332 (16340), and I think I found The One™ that won’t get replaced any time soon. Lotta fun…

Any flashlight producing 100,000 150,000 plus lumens whether thrower or flooder.

Nitecore, Olight, Acebeam, Imalent, Fenix, etc….

Please NO Surefire. The light will cost 6K if made and sold on market.

After my last coupla torches BLF 348’s for kids.
I sorta looked around and said. Hmm. Nothing much left.
I seem to have covered the focal ranges I need plus about 35 others.
So I happened to look at that post on KNIVES.


It’s more bloody addictive that the lights. I bought 3 the first week
(Just warming up sorta)
and on No 5 this week and it’s only Tuesday. and they only the folders.
She’s gonna kill me when she sees my card this month, over $250 already and only on the 5th.

Rofis MR70 is a very nice light (it uses a 26650 though which is included) and uses two leds, a cold low CRI in front for 3500 lumens and a warm high CRI on the side. Astrolux S43 Nichia is also a very nice, and budget, light (18650 / 18650), quad emitters, NarsilM.

Wait until you stumble upon multitools and swiss army knives… And then EDC stuff, from titanium whistles and altoids tin kits to BOB and BOV… :smiley:

Did Wuben ever get high CRI emitters in the TO46R? I know there was a problem at one time with the packaging that claimed high CRI but they were indeed just 70cri emitters. It is a great light. Plenty bright and rechargeable. Dual side switch. Well built. More flood than throw. I would check with any seller and make sure they are high CRI if that is a must have for you. A friend of mine gave me a Convoy BD06, it’s pretty nice. I didn’t like the emitter so I swapped out the MCPCB and flowed a Samsung LH351 5000k 90cri if I remember correctly. Very nice long runtime, bistro UI, and onboard charging. You can get them pretty cheap too. I don’t have lots of throwers. My favorite daily light is a Zebralight. It’s NW but not high CRI. I know they make a few high CRI lights now. Worth every penny in my opinion.

I’m into the D2, and Sandvik. 30v etc steels. and Titanium frames.
Titanium blade will be the next one. I’ve got my eye on 2.
Y Start. Ganzo, and Sanrenmo do some nice well made copies too.

You’re right. It’s bottomless like the torches too.
Maybe even more so when you bring fixed blades and everything else into it.

More exxy too I’m seeing. I’ve ordered one more tonight again.
A nice Ganzo. Spyderco 4in copy.
Not sure about the blade shape yet though. Weird….

Found the one, huh? That doesn't sound like the BLF way. I guess you may as well stop collecting flashlights and saving money, too, while you're at it.

Yeah, like that’ll happen…

Zebralight sc64c LE maybe? I haven’t got mine but very excited. Should be perfect. High CRI, side e switch, extremely small for 18650, and great quality.

This WARNING came about four & a half weeks to late…. :person_facepalming: