Which lights useable as bikelights,and not useable?


Which flashlights is possible useable to put it on your Bicycle.

Which lights are to weak, to less light for your bicycle.

Which lights are perfect ,not to less, and not too much blinding light for other traffic.

And which lights are much too blinding for others?

1 Maglite Solitaire?

2 Fenix E01? 13 Lumens ,20 meter beam distance.

3 Fenix E25/E21. 150 lumens, 150 meters beam distance.

4 Fenix TK 35. 800 lumens 300 plus meters beam distance.

5 Fenix TK 60 800 lumens, 400 meters plus beam distance.

6 Fenix TK 75 2600 lumens.

7 And how much lumens are the todays average bright bicyclelights?



Can you give reactions please?

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Hi Remco,
I’m sorry i can’t give you a good answer because i don’t own any of those lights. I guess someone else will be able to do it but they might need more info. The kind of light basically depends on the kind of riding. It has nothing to do a support light for commuting in the city, to the one you need for mountain biking…
Coming from the Netherlands I assume you’re more city/road oriented. Then we should know about how fast you usually ride or what kind of roads you use. Another aspect to take into account, at least for me, is if the bike is going to be in a safe place most of the time, since it can be a pita to remove the light everytime you park the bike, or if it’s a big flashlight, it’s gonna be worse to be carried around…
At the moment, i’m using a sipik 68 clone as support light in strobe mode. The main one is hub powered, and, believe me, it’s a sh#t. I could use the sipik as main with full power, but, for the city, it’s been enough so far.
Before moving to Germany, i rode only on mountain tracks, and the light I used was bulkier but way less powerful. But it is also true that i always tried to dride the singletracks with daylight.
Hope it helps,

If you want a bike light for onroad city commuting, anything above 150lm is going to be annoing for the oncoming traffic, unless you severely tilt it down. With an 800lm XM-L light you are going to be hi-beam flashed from every oncoming car, because you are really annoing them.

Of course it's a different story if running in the wilderness, where you want as much light as possible.

I prefer to have a floody light on the mountain bike, because a throwy pencil beam bouncing up and down in the distance doesn't cut it, and you need to see a large portion of road in front of you to choose where is better to place your tires.

But I'm just a casual rider, so let the word to some more experienced users.

Rockspider, since when people use bikes in Venezia for commuting? what about le gondole? :bigsmile:

One of the things that attracted me to the E21 as a bike light was the adjustable beam and the use of two AA batteries. I can get AA batteries anywhere, they don’t need special handling and they pack a reasonable punch. If you want flashing modes make sure they are flashing or SLOW strobe, fast strobe is very hard to ride with. For being seen on the road two smaller lights often work better than one really big one; one on strobe and one on constant works very well.

totally agree

hi everyone,

1 Is a flashlight of 200 lumens plus, with beam distance of 350 meters good for a bicycle, or is that too blinding for others,when looking directly into the beam?

2 I want my fenix E01 put on my bicycle, but somebody said, that it is to less light, or is it really bright for my bicycle? 13 lumens,18 meters beam distance.

3 Is the cheap power beam some good thing for a bicycle? its ,i guess 10 lumens plus.
See the movie.

4 And what about the magicshine bikelights with up to 1300 lumens, that is monstrous!

How do they do that? Thats higly illegal i think, these things blinding everyone i think.

See my post above this post.

Please can anyone me helping with the last questions?


please help me with my last questions.

Thread is sinking out of sight , im sorry for asking again.

Thank you all.


Hi remco, as said above, on road a well driven xm-l is too much, its ideal off road though.

I have no idea on the fenix lights, I’m a budget lithium guy, my suggestion would be a c8 xm-l on low, with a cheap led bike light set to blink as an attention getter. Just tip the c8 down a little so the hot spot is 20 feet or so in front to limit the risk of dazzling other road users.

why would you want a 350 m beam on your bike? to reach that it would be pointing parallel to the ground, so pretty useless for you and really dangerous for other drivers. Better get a floody, or even better a zoomie with modes. Check out the laws in your country, i think here in germany the min. is around those 14 lumens, there must be something for sure in the netherlands.
But again, as i already told you before, it depends on speed and kind of track you ride. If you give people more info they might be more prone to help you.
Anyway, those 1000 lumens lights might be cool, but IMHO only for singletrack stuff… even on the mountain you can blind other riders going uphill.

Hi everyone,

I have to make a choice for a bikelight, for my bicycle, by now,

Between the Fenix E01, the Fenix E21, The Fenix TK35, or the Fenix TK 41, or a standard Bikelight, at the bicyclestore.

Which of the above lights do you recommend?

And which not?

I have a system on my bike, that can fit every light on it.


Honestly, in my opinion an E01 and E21 are too weak. The TK35 and TK41 are roughly the same power, but the TK41 has more throw meaning it has a more intense spot and this can be a good and bad thing for road cycling.
Good: It doesn’t blind oncoming drivers as much as the TK35.
Bad: It might be too focused to be a suitable cycling light.

Honestly, I would just use 2 Sipik SK68s on medium flood mode. Also keep in mind that Fenix is one of the more established brands in torches, and also are more expensive.

I use an XinTD in a TwoFish Lockblock .

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