Which movie did you watch lastֻ

You sure you are male?

Last movie I actually watched vs playing in the background was

Atlas Shrugged. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0480239/
Impatiently waiting for part 2.

Not as good as the book, but pretty good overall….

Nope.. but that's about killing vampires at least, not about.. gay vampires sparkling their way through puberty.

Madagascar 3, saw it at our local drive in…it was pretty good, I’d say my favorite of the three. Can’t remember the last ‘adult’ movie I saw…

I’m sure that he was and keep joking about that… well I hope :frowning:

Vampires suck

is not so bad

Watched Wrath of the Titans last night.

WOW! You’re the only person I’m come across who has also seen this movie. I watched it on Netflix a few weeks ago and was satisfied with the production. It certainly kept my interest. I’ve never read the book and so I watched this movie to make up for that. I’m also impatiently awaiting Part 2. I hope it gets made. There’s supposed to be three parts in total.

I saw 21 Jump Street. Had some funny to it…:slight_smile:

Hangover 2 on Netflix or Amazon, I can’t remember my girl ordered it through the Blue-ray player.

It was pretty funny not as good as the first one but definitely worth seeing.

They made an action/comedy movie http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1232829/

It is/was a series from the 80s but also a recent movie.

I watched Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works. :smiley:

Most recent watch on TV: Wayne’s World - It was on tv this morning so I had it on in the background.

Most recent movie not on tv yet (I think): Ip Man

Most recent movie still in theaters: N/A (I rarely go, but I’ll go to see Dark Knight Rises)

American History X “(IMDB)”:http://akas.imdb.com/title/tt0120586/

Liked it quite much (might be a bit biased, due to main character being played by one of my favorite actors…)

Hell on Wheels not a movie but we watched it nearly straight through like a movie

I thought it was good, not as good as Dead Wood, or Spartacus but still good.

+1 to the Avengers in iMax 3D
Good action movie.

The cure for vampires . . heck, this might be my favorite video of all time.


Back on topic, my bride took me to see Bernie last week . . pretty funny (ignoring 1 part anyway). Still wondering if she was telling me something . . .

Monthy Python - The quest for the holy grail.
Saw it for the umpteentht time together with the chief engineer and the captain a few weeks ago. Still funny.

Watched Safe House last night.