Which movie did you watch lastֻ

Most recent watch on TV: Wayne’s World - It was on tv this morning so I had it on in the background.

Most recent movie not on tv yet (I think): Ip Man

Most recent movie still in theaters: N/A (I rarely go, but I’ll go to see Dark Knight Rises)

American History X “(IMDB)”:http://akas.imdb.com/title/tt0120586/

Liked it quite much (might be a bit biased, due to main character being played by one of my favorite actors…)

Hell on Wheels not a movie but we watched it nearly straight through like a movie

I thought it was good, not as good as Dead Wood, or Spartacus but still good.

+1 to the Avengers in iMax 3D
Good action movie.

The cure for vampires . . heck, this might be my favorite video of all time.


Back on topic, my bride took me to see Bernie last week . . pretty funny (ignoring 1 part anyway). Still wondering if she was telling me something . . .

Monthy Python - The quest for the holy grail.
Saw it for the umpteentht time together with the chief engineer and the captain a few weeks ago. Still funny.

Watched Safe House last night.

Prometheus 3D at the cinema

It was my first 3D movie. I liked it, but I am a sci-fi fan and a big fan of the Alien movies. It answered a lot of questions about the Alien universe without being all about them, and of course left enough open to make a few more sequels.

I think the 3D effect was ok, but wouldn’t rave about it.

Looking forward the the next Avatar movie :slight_smile:

3D porn LOL

On my list. Especially when going to the movies with friends:

I love old B movies. Russ Meyer’s 1965 classic Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill! at my house with a couple of friends last night… Pure entertainment :slight_smile:


Watched the 2nd Sherlock Holmes movie (Robert Downey Jr) last night from redbox. Not particularly deep or outstanding, but entertaining.

I just watched this Russian/Chechen war movie called Grozovye Vorota. I’ve also seen it titled War Fighter. It’s in German, which I don’t speak at all, though I could basically tell what was going on. There is a scene a few minutes in (3:07) that was pretty disturbing as it involved little kids and some graphic violence. I wasn’t quite ready for that. A pretty good war movie if you are into that genre. Probably better if you speak German. :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe next time I should have Kreisler come over.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy on blu-ray. Really enjoyed but we’re big Oldman fans…

Watch Ip Man last night on TV. Best martial art film I have ever seen.


There are two sequels to Ip Man, they are also very good to watch. I like movies with Donnie Yen they are very good if you like martial arts movies.

Yes we have Ip Man 2 recorded ready to watch.

Just been reading up a bit on the film. Donnie trained for just 9 months learning Wing Chun from Ip Mans two sons. They said they have never seen anyone learn so quickly and master the moves in such a way as he did.


I’m introducing my two year old to good films, so far he has slept through the starwars saga, full metal jacket, serenity, equilibrium, the shooter, dogma, the aliens trilogy (still have to let him watch/sleep through alien resurrection) predators, terminator, predator. I’m starting him off well. :bigsmile:

And in agreement with others, save yourself the extra couple of dollars and don’t bother with the 3D. I love Ridley Scott’s films, and his panoramas are really breathtaking, but I don’t think he did this movie with 3D in mind.

I haven't watched a movie in a theater since 2010 but my nephew (a Navy Seabee) visiting from Guam treated me and my 14 yr. old nephew visiting from Alaska to Prometheus. It was a very good movie except for the mofo's that used their cell phone in the middle of the movie.