Which multi cell AA light would you get?

I just added the Lumintop SD10 for ya :slight_smile:

JetBeam PA40 but its not listed.


Olight S65? 700 lumens from 6 AAs. Like all lights, it has its weaknesses but I have one and would happily buy more!

Lumintop SD10 :bigsmile:

Of those lights, the only one I own is the XinTD X3, so it'd be somewhat dishonest if I didn't choose it. The next AA light I plan to buy is the Lumintop SD10. The Eagletac is a lumen monster, but

A bit partial as I already own a Swm D40a, but first I had a EA4 that I sold recently.

I have the TX25C2 and SX25L3 (both reviewed on BLF by kreisl) so i have a good idea what the GX25A3 is about. I love the UI.

The Sunwayman UI is too complicated, i would forget it after a few weeks of not using.

Yep, the EagleTac's are very throwy and super efficient. Lumen monsters, that's right.

If all lights of the poll cost the same, i'd gladly pick the GX25A3. It's the winner.

Own the D40a and EA4.
Want XinTD X3. A nice looking torch.
And seems a bit different to the others in the poll (larger diameter reflector and different form-factor)

trying to remember different UI with EA4 and D40a does my head, especially after a week or so of not using them.
No seniors’ jokes please…

I have the DA40, the EA4, PA40, and XinTD- they’re all different.IMHO the EA4 and the D40A are most similar; I like the user interface on the D40 better, but the Nitecore is great also. I haven’t had the ballooning switch problem, because I don’t leave the EA4 in the car, I carry it with me in a bag.

I run the XinTD on 26650, so I don’t really consider it a AA light, except in case of emergency. So I would tend to group that light with my other 26650 lights: Shadow JM26, Shadow SL3, Shadow JM07, etc….not with the AA lights.

The PA40 is my all time favorite though- I have 3, 2 with OP reflector and 1 SMO- the form factor is perfect, and with the carbon fiber case, there is no worry of scratching. I carry a Powerpax with a set of spare (fully charged) AA NiMH (favorite is the Powerex 2700 non-LSD) and keep an Intellicharger i4 with a car cord in my glove box……just my two cents.

Great question, though Airwolf :crown:

D40A all day.

Excellent finish, two side buttons with plenty of modes and instant access to moonlight and high, hidden blinkies, low battery warning, moonlight to 900+ lumens with 4AA in a solid carrier and 1/4 turn lockout.

If you are a fan of CW LED and can spend the money then its the closest to perfect.

It gets used most in my house since I don’t like leaving Li-Ions in the lights.

That was my justification for purchasing a D40A. Mine should be here in a coiuple of days. I am really excited to check it out.

It’s the light I find myself reaching for the most since I have gotten it.
And it is sitting next to 50 other lights.
Very well made and just has a beautiful beam profile and the UI cannot be beat.

Have no need for a EA4 after owning this light and that is not a knock on the EA4, this one just works better for me, YMMV.
The Lumintop has my interest, just because of all the battery options, but I’ll wait for the cheaper versions.

EagleTac GX25A3 - if the price was the same. I like the UI, it's slightly more compact, and it's compatible with basically all battery types.

I think buying them all is the only real option here

OK, Im now all ramped up to get myself SD10, where are those reviews some of you been promising “soon” :D?
And, what about group buy?!

So far cheapest ones I could find are 47.05$ at Kaidomain(pitty there is no coupon :smiley: ) and HKEquipment with coupon for 47.99$.
Hmm, now if this came in NW/WW/HiCRI that would be even more awesome at this price!

Im seriously considering this light, but dont know hows the tint on T6?

There have been some requests forwarded to FastTech on the SD-10. I’m hoping they list it soon. Looks like you’ve found the best prices so far. Others list for $59

My Paypal finger is itching to get this one, now need to stay calm and wait for reviews to appear :D!

T6 is the flux bin. The tint bin is not listed. If I had to hazard a guess, I would bet my red money it is cool white.